All-Around Best Features & Value

  • 100% free plan, non-expiring
  • Unlimited contacts on all plans
  • Virtual sales assistant integrates with CRM and qualifies leads
  • Cross-platform bots that work on multiple channels
  • One-on-one premier consulting option for any size business
Review: 4.7

Conversational Commerce Chatbot

  • Connect sales team with best buyers instantly.
  • Sales video tools
  • Conversational email tools
  • AI-powered buyer experience automation
Review: 4.4

Sales, Support and Marketing Engagement

  • Live chat and chatbot automation
  • Route chats to sales team
  • Video and voice calls
  • Integrates with 40 apps
Review: 4.2

Trainable AI-Powered Chatbots

  • Enterprise sales assistant
  • Integrated enterprise networking
  • Cloud-based and on-premise deployments

25 Sales Chatbot Platforms That Can Outperform Your Sales Team

The best sales chatbot tools do not require humans to increase your company’s recurring revenue. However, people do want 1:1 personalized interactions with the companies they buy from. But again, that doesn’t require humans either.

Consider these three statistics when deciding whether or not chatbots are right for sales and marketing teams:
  • Live chat increases conversions on your website by 45%.
  • Website engagement gets a 3x boost when a chatbot is present.
  • Consumers are 63% more likely to return to a website that has web chat.


Most companies would be hard pressed to find a new SDR or AE that could produce those kinds of numbers.

But rest assured, you don’t need to fire your sales team for a chatbot. Chatbot platforms assist your sales team with hot leads, and perform much better when humans are present.

Table of Contents

What’s a sales chatbot and how can it be used?
#1. Best Sales Chatbot: MobileMonkey
#2. Best Sales Chatbot: Engati
#3. Best Sales Chatbot: SmartLoop
#4. Best Sales Chatbot:
#5. Best Sales Chatbot: Imperson
#6. Best Sales Chatbot: Botsify
#7. Best Sales Chatbot:
#8. Best Sales Chatbot: Aivo
#9. Best Sales Chatbot: WP-Chatbot
#10. Best Sales Chatbot: Flow XO
#11. Best Sales Chatbot: Crisp
#12. Best Sales Chatbot: Acquire
#13. Best Sales Chatbot: Pandorabots
#14. Best Sales Chatbot:
#15. Best Sales Chatbot: ChattyPeople
#16. Best Sales Chatbot: ItsAlive
#17. Best Sales Chatbot: Octane AI
#18. Best Sales Chatbot: BotCore
#19. Best Sales Chatbot: Freshchat
#20. Best Sales Chatbot: ManyChat
#21. Best Sales Chatbot: Drift
#22. Best Sales Chatbot: Chatfuel
#23. Best Sales Chatbot: Verloop
#24. Best Sales Chatbot: Intercom
#25. Best Sales Chatbot: Zendesk Chat
Questions to ask when choosing the best sales chatbot for your business

What’s a sales chatbot and how can it be used?

Sales enablement involves providing a sales team with the tools, information, and content required to sell more effectively. Therefore, a sales enablement chatbot assists in providing these tools and making sales more efficient.

Chatbots run off of machine learning technology, so they have what’s needed to compile data, analyze it, and then make informed decisions based off of it.

When interacting with customers, machine learning allows chatbots to recommend content to customers based off of previous conversations, purchase histories, and other buying trends, totally unique to that individual customer.

Sales chatbots can be used to:
  • Reduce wait times to zero.
  • Give personalized welcome messages.
  • Communicate in multiple languages
  • Help customers track their orders
  • Collecting feedback


Additionally, chatbots built for sales also have a proven ability to:
  • Stop potential customers from leaving
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Increase leads, conversions, sales, and customer satisfaction


The following chatbot platforms have been highly vetted and qualified to makeup the 25 best sales chatbot tools on the market.

#1. Best Sales Chatbot: MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an all-in-one chatbot platform that supports web chat, live chat, SMS and Facebook Messenger bots, and omnichannel marketing. The platform is rare in that it has very suitable solutions for both small business and enterprise-level clients, as well as both marketing and customer support teams.

sales chatbot - MobileMonkey
Mobile Monkey Features:
  • Multi-channel chatbot platform on web and mobile app
  • Native web chat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS marketing tools
  • Visual-flow chatbot builder and editor
  • Chatbot templates
  • Multilingual
  • Zapier and other integrations
  • Always mobile-friendly
  • AI bots route requests and automate repetitive FAQs
  • Custom live chat handoff triggers
  • Analytics and reporting


Pros - MobileMonkey:
  • Extensive suite of chatbot tools and automation.
  • Mobile chat app with advanced support features.
  • Surprisingly easy to use for such a robust platform.
  • Chatbot builder and workflows.
  • Works across many channels (SMS, web chat, Messenger) and unifies all conversations in one inbox.
  • Unlimited contacts and leads on all plans.
  • Huge user community.


Cons - MobileMonkey:
  • Frequently updating user interface due to new features


MobileMonkey Pricing: You can get started building bots with a non-expiring version of MobileMonkey for free. If you need advanced automation and integrations, pricing then starts at $14.25/mo, and goes up to $299/mo.

#2. Best Sales Chatbot: Engati

Engati chatbots deliver comprehensive customer support, automated sales and marketing, as well as intelligent HR management.

sales chatbot - Engati
Engati Features:
  • Conversation flow builder
  • Machine learning and proprietary NLP
  • Multilingual
  • Web chat, live chat, mobile, social media bots
  • Bot templates
  • Broadcasting and campaign management
  • Ecommerce tools
  • Voice bots
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Analytics


Pros - Engati:
  • Platform is code-free and supports Facebook Messenger, KiK, Telegram, Slack, and other platforms.
  • Advanced integrations framework for JSON Rest APIs with many OOB integrations.
  • Omnichannel - meaning you can build one bot and deploy it across 14+ channels, including web chat, mobile, and social media.


Cons - Engati:
  • You need to get to the Enterprise level pricing in order to take advantage of live chat, the automated FAQ builder, voice interactions, and data retention.
  • Hard to get started and little tutorials or documentation to help with that.


Engati Pricing: Free plan allows up to 1K interactions, 2 bots, and 1 brand. After that, Professional plan pricing starts at $19/mo for up to 10K interactions, 5 bots, and 1 brand. Business plan pricing is $50/mo for up to 30K interactions, 20 bots, and 1 brand. Anything above those thresholds requires you contacting Engati for enterprise pricing.

#3. Best Sales Chatbot: SmartLoop

With Smartloop you can build intelligent chatbots that can help to generate leads and nurture them. The platform also helps to analyze how users interact with your bot, identify loopholes, and work on the bot’s features to improve conversational flows overtime.

sales chatbot - SmartLoop
SmartLoop Features:
  • Knowledge base built on conversational AI
  • Automation tools
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Point and click conversation builder
  • Bot to human handoffs
  • Web chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, or custom channels
  • Live chat support
  • Push notifications


Pros - SmartLoop:
  • Use conversational AI to nurture your subscribers based on their interests.
  • Automated messages can be used to target and re-engage cold leads, or upsell existing customers.


Cons - SmartLoop:
  • Limited to channels where you can use Facebook Messenger bots.
  • Pricing becomes expensive when compared to the competition after you cross the 1K subscribers benchmark.


SmartLoop Pricing: Smartloop pricing in clubes a free and Premium plan. You’ll basically just get a feel for the UI/UX of the platform with the Free plan, and then pricing starts at $10/month for up to 1K subscribers. After 1K subscribers, you’ll need to talk to SmartLoop about pricing.

#4. Best Sales Chatbot: is slightly different from the other sales chatbot tools listed. is a platform with a robust toolset for marketing, sales and support teams. They do happen to have a solid chatbot for sales as well.

sales chatbot - Features:
  • Gather leads
  • Answer FAQs
  • Built-in “chat scenarios”
  • Triggers based on visitor activity
  • Automation modules
  • SMS, web chat
  • Drag & drop bot builder


Pros -
  • You can use automation modules to make their bot able to do multiple tasks simultaneously or across different channels to engage your audience.
  • Lots of other sales, marketing, and support tools to directly integrate with your chatbot and share one common data source with.


Cons -
  • Unless you’re taking advantage of all the sales, marketing and support tools on (not just their chatbot), you’re unlikely to get as much out of the product as you would a standalone chatbot platform. Some companies like this model, others looking for a diversified tech stack of only the best tools for each individual job, probably won’t. They do have plenty of integrations as well as API docs, however, so you’re definitely not stuck with only their tools to utilize.
  • Since you’re purchasing a marketing, sales and support platform all in one, pricing is significantly higher, and you can’t just get their chatbot a la carte. Pricing: pricing is a bit more complex, since you’re purchasing more than just a chatbot platform. What we can tell you, is that they have a free plan, and then their pricing ranges from $49/mo (2K contacts), to $1,349/mo (10K contacts) + $15 per every additional 1K contacts.

#5. Best Sales Chatbot: Imperson

Imperson builds chatbot solutions that automate as much of the customer journey as possible through human-like conversation. It is an AI chatbot platform that develops enterprise bots for its customers.

sales chatbot - Imperson
Imperson Features:
  • Full-service creative and implementation
  • AI/machine learning, NLP
  • Fully managed bot services
  • Messenger, KiK, Twitter, website, Slack, SMS, Skype integrations
  • Supports text, audio, video, and soon to come AR and VR
  • Chatbot performance monitoring and customization from Imperson team


Pros - Imperson:
  • Conversation navigator uses AI and NLP to analyze and determine how to lead conversations based on dialog context, user intent and relationship memory.
  • Offer end-to-end deployment for bots and integrations


Cons - Imperson:
  • In the present, their technology to create truly human-like conversations needs more time and development.

#6. Best Sales Chatbot: Botsify

Botsify is a platform that allows a business to create a chatbot without having to code for Messenger, Slack, or a website. For larger clients, Botsify offers fully managed plans and their platform is diverse enough to support enterprise level clients.

sales chatbot - Botsify
Botsify Features:
  • Visual flow bot builder and editor
  • Chatbot templates
  • Store user data
  • AI/machine learning
  • Keyword auto-responses
  • Multilingual chatbots
  • Enable bot to send email notifications
  • Alexa voice bot
  • Integrate with other business systems


Pros - Botsify:
  • Quick and easy to set up a bot
  • Basic machine learning features
  • Basic analytics
  • Integrations assist in using data from website to chatbot


Cons - Botsify:
  • Advanced responses require hardcoded dynamic API-based responses
  • Pricing based on the number of subscribers
  • Limited number of contacts in the pricing model, which quickly becomes $300/mo
  • Chat capture feature is free only during the 14-day trial, and with a single chatbot
  • No multi-channel marketing features (Facebook Messenger only)


Botsify Pricing: After a free 14-day trial, Botsify starts at $50/mo with up to 30K contacts. After that, it jumps to $300/mo for unlimited contacts.

#7. Best Sales Chatbot: can help you build interactive and intelligent bots for your website that assist prospects and customers through automated Q&A, sales, and support.

sales chatbot - Features:
  • In-chat automated answers to FAQs
  • API documentation
  • Conversation flow editor
  • Automated upselling tools
  • Integrations with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more


Pros -
  • No coding required for setup. Easily used by non-technical personnel from HR, telecom, banking, insurance and public sector companies.
  • Proprietary conversational AI built for support. At a conference of 25K attendees, the bot was used to successfully either fully or partially answer their questions.


Cons -
  • Limited number of channels and integrations.
  • Not built for marketing purposes, which most companies would want to find in an enterprise grade chatbot platform. Pricing: To get details on pricing, you’ll need to contact their team.

#8. Best Sales Chatbot: Aivo

Aivo is another AI heavy chatbot platform that powers your customer support, helping you to respond in real-time via text or voice.

sales chatbot - Aivo
Aivo Features:
  • Customer service
  • Sales bots
  • Bill payment bots
  • Voice bots for telephone customer service
  • Live chat
  • Helpdesk


Pros - Aivo:
  • Allows you to provide a consistent experience to prospects and customers through your website, app, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Aivo’s “AgentBot” integrantes with services like Zendesk, Salesforce, Live, Genesys, and Zapier.


Cons - Aivo:
  • Navigation and design feel old and outdated.


Aivo Pricing: Contact Aivo directly or schedule a demo to get a price quote.

#9. Best Sales Chatbot: WP-Chatbot

WP Chatbot is probably the best WordPress chatbot on the market, which is why it comes in at #3 on the list. It’s a quick and easy way to get a sophisticated web chat app onto any WordPress site.

WP-Chatbot Features:
  • One-click-install for WordPress
  • Custom greeting messages
  • Add Messenger customer chat in web applications
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Traditional live chat and robust chatbot builder


Pros - WP-Chatbot:
  • Super easy to install.
  • Team-friendly inbox for your marketing, sales and support teams
  • Full integration with MobileMonkey
  • Complete chat history and contacts storage
  • Detailed positioning, customization and branding


Cons - WP-Chatbot:
  • Requires Facebook Messenger


WP-Chatbot Pricing: WP-Chatbot is free to get started. If you want the enhanced website chat widget for WordPress, pricing starts at $48/year total.

#10. Best Sales Chatbot: Flow XO

Flow XO is another more complete solution for building chatbots, hosting them and deploying them across different channels/platforms. Although it fits into the enterprise chat software category, Flow XO has very reasonable pricing and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well.

sales chatbot - Flow XO
Flow XO Features:
  • Virtual welcome mat for visitors
  • Lead capture tools
  • Live chat
  • Ability to answer simple questions
  • Accept payments through your bot
  • Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, web chat


Pros - Flow XO:
  • No coding skills required and easy to use user interface (UI).
  • Not only limited to Facebook Messenger. You can also build chatbot widgets for your website or integrate them with suitable third-party platforms.


Cons - Flow XO:
  • Although the user interface is elegant, the ability to actually create a bot in a reasonable amount of time is a problem.
  • No easy human to bot handoff, making your bot largely responsible for all customer and site visitor interactions. Lots could go wrong here.


Flow XO Pricing: Flow XO has a free account to get started. Paid versions start at $19/month, which gets you 5,000 interactions and you can add 25,000 by paying an extra $25/month and add five more bots for an extra $10/month.

#11. Best Sales Chatbot: Crisp (

Crisp is a chatbot platform that you can use for sales, marketing, and customer support. It’s a relatively cheap alternative to some of the other platforms on this list.

sales chatbot - Features:
  • Knowlege base
  • Live chat and customer support
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Email and in-app messaging
  • REST API docs
  • Desktop and mobile apps


Pros -
  • You get a sales, marketing and support chatbot platform for just $95 per month / per website. That’s cheap for their highest paid plan.


Cons -
  • If you’re looking for a robust and feature rich chatbot platform, this isn’t it. Pricing: Crisp has a Free, Pro, and Unlimited pricing plan. Pricing starts at $25/mo per website for up to four seats. Then, the Unlimited plan is just $95/mo per website for an unlimited number of seats.

#12. Best Sales Chatbot:

Acquire helps support teams solve customer issues quickly and easily chatbots and automation. They refer to themselves as an all-in-one customer service platform. Acquire is designed to streamline customer conversations for sales, support and onboarding.

sales chatbot - Acquire
Acquire Features:
  • Unified agent view
  • Live chat and chatbot automation
  • Route chats to sales team
  • Integrations with 40+ applications
  • Sales, support, and onboarding tools
  • Analytics
  • Video and voice calls
  • Web and in-app controls


Pros - Acquire:
  • In addition to live chat, Acquire also has profile management, user records, as well as video and voice call functionality for conversations that require escalation.
  • Recently, Acquire has added many more integrations, making the platform much more scalable and useful to a wider range of users.


Cons - Acquire:
  • Many reviews find Acquire to be expensive and have less features when compared to the competition.


Acquire Pricing: Book a demo meeting with Acquire in order to obtain pricing details.

#13. Best Sales Chatbot: Pandorabots

Pandorabots is an open-source website allowing people to build and publish chatbots on the web.

sales chatbot - Pandorabots
Pandorabots Features:
  • AIML is the main differentiator
  • Voice enabled for speech-to-text and text-to-speech
  • Mobile support
  • Web hosting and publishing
  • Free documentation and training
  • Multilingual
  • Context-aware
  • Web-based development tools
  • Conversational logs
  • Integrate with external knowledge sources
  • RESTful APIs


Pros - Pandorabots:
  • Open source platform, so you can own and download your code
  • Deploy to messaging or voice channels
  • If you’re willing to build your own bot, lots of flexibility and can easily build high performance bots


Cons - Pandorabots:
  • The use of pure AIML requires that you define your own input/output pairs
  • Not advisable to build your bot using Pandorabots and then host it somewhere else


Pandorabots Pricing: Pandorabots does have a free 14 day trial. Pricing after that starts at $19/mo, the next plan is $199/mo, and then above that is Enterprise pricing.

#14. Best Sales Chatbot: is built with answering customer questions in mind. Its goal is to us AI to deflect support volume on your digital channels without compromising on customer experience.

sales chatbot - Features:
  • Customer service bots
  • Ecommerce bots for Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce
  • Zendesk, Kustomer, and Khoros AI solutions
  • Allows for 24/7 support of your customers
  • Build bots for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other platforms
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Visual bot builder
  • Bot to human handoffs


Pros -
  • Strong for customer support and answering your most commonly asked questions.
  • Dedicated support, advanced reporting, enterprise-ready software


Cons -
  • Company focus is mostly on deflecting support tickets for larger companies. Bots can do a lot more, and many of their competitors have those tools as well.
  • Until NLP and AI heavy chatbots are able to hold real conversations, it feels like you’re paying for enterprise level software, but what you’re really getting is a chatbot team from Pricing: No pricing available. You’ll have to schedule a demo to talk pricing with

#15. Best Sales Chatbot: ChattyPeople

Chattypeople is a chatbot platform for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. Ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers in small companies that want enterprise level technology.

sales chatbot - ChattyPeople
ChattyPeople Features:


Pros - ChattyPeople:
  • No coding required. Create a Facebook messaging bot quickly and easily.
  • Perfect for small businesses that want enterprise level technology.


Cons - ChattyPeople:
  • Focused primarily on Facebook Messenger


ChattyPeople Pricing: Chattypeople is free to get started. If you need advanced automations and integrations, pricing then starts at $14.25/mo, and goes up to $299/mo.

*NOTE: Chattypeople was acquired by MobileMonkey (#1 on this list) in 2018.

#16. Best Sales Chatbot: ItsAlive

ItsAlive is a chatbot building platform to easily build chatbots and services. The platform uses “recipe” workflows and has a couple other features which make it unique from other chatbot platforms.

sales chatbot - ItsAlive
ItsAlive Features:
  • Recipe workflows
  • Persistent Menu that’s always available to users
  • Broadcast automated messages after live chat sessions
  • Facebook Messenger bot builder
  • Unanswered questions tab
  • Intercom integration
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Analytics dashboard


Pros - ItsAlive:
  • Once you understand the recipe workflow, you can very quickly build a conversation.
  • Persistent menu feature allows you to create a menu that is always visible to the user. This can come in handy if the user wants to navigate back to a certain point in the bot or misclicks and goes down the wrong conversational path.
  • Unanswered questions tab allows you to look at all the questions that the bot was unable to answer.
  • Solid user interface that’s easy to navigate.


Cons - ItsAlive:
  • Visual builder is lacking abilities that many other platforms have, such as a bird’s eye view of your bots.
  • Inability to test your bots without testing them in Facebook Messenger.
  • Fairly limited use cases, as the product is built almost entirely for Facebook Messenger apps.
  • Unable to unlock full feature set unless you negotiate Enterprise plan pricing.


ItsAlive Pricing: ItsAlive has 5 pricing tiers. The Free plan gives you 1 chatbot and up to 1,000 messages per month, but doesn’t include any advanced features. The Solo plan is $19/mo and includes 5,000 messages, and some advanced features. The Plus plan is $49/mo, you get 2 chatbots and up to 20,000 monthly messages, as well as a few additional advanced features. At $99/mo, the Pro plan gets you 5 bots and up to 100,000 messages per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan unlocks all features and unlimited bots and messages per month.

#17. Best Sales Chatbot: Octane AI

Octane AI is focused on direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and provides chatbots geared towards ecommerce websites, and works primarily with Shopify stores.

sales chatbot - Octane AI
Octane AI Features:
  • Facebook Messenger bots
  • SMS text messaging bots
  • Messenger ads
  • Third-party bot analytics integrations
  • Follow-up messages
  • Audience segmentation
  • Order tracking, cart abandonment tools


Pros - Octane AI:
  • Built for Shopify, with many ecommerce platform integrations.
  • Fairly robust platform with many options for ecommerce bots.


Cons - Octane AI:
  • To get access to all features, the platform becomes quite expensive compared to other competing products.


Octane AI Pricing: Octane AI has a 30 day free trial period. There are three pricing tiers after the 30-day trial. The Basic plan starts at $9 per month and includes unlimited Facebook messages, automated campaigns, and automated customer support. The Pro plan starts at $209 and includes SMS as well (at the additional cost of $0.02 per message). You can get the Premium, targeted at SMS-heavy merchants, for $999 or more, depending on your preferences.

#18. Best Sales Chatbot: BotCore (Acuvate)

BotCore is a no-code chatbot building platform where you can deploy and manage AI-powered chatbots for enterprise-level businesses. They work with businesses to build and launch bots to meet the needs of their employees, customers, and vendors.

sales chatbot - BotCore
BotCore Features:
  • Knowledgebase for Q&A, guided conversations, fulfillment, and actions
  • Integration with both enterprise apps and legacy systems
  • IT helpdesk
  • Sales and marketing bots
  • Supply chain and fulfillment bots
  • Security
  • Alerts and triggers


Pros - BotCore:
  • Enterprise sales assistant
  • One of the few chatbot platforms that focuses significant attention on vendors and fulfillment.
  • Integrates across different technologies to create a virtual assistant network.


Cons - BotCore:
  • Multi-channel support works within the Microsoft Bot Framework. So, if you’re not a fan of Microsoft systems, this platform may not be for you.


BotCore Pricing: You will need to contact BotCore to discuss what you want built in order to get a quote for pricing.

#19. Best Sales Chatbot: Freshchat

Freshchat is an omnichannel, AI-driven, self-service chatbot solution for customer service that has solutions for both small business and enterprise clients.

sales chatbot - Freshchat
Freshchat Features:
  • Email and chat support solutions
  • Omnichannel, AI & self-service
  • SLA management and custom ticket status
  • Canned responses
  • Dashboard comes with event timeline, user info and social profiles
  • Reporting and analytics
  • (New) Automate acquisitions with sales and support bots


Pros - Freshchat:
  • Streamline customer conversations in one place.
  • Automate your repetitive work and save time.
  • Good team collaboration with Team Huddle, Shared Ownership, Linked Tickets, and Parent-child Ticketing features.


Cons - Freshchat:
  • Hard to transfer chats and poor timely notifications have been reported as issues. One user reported a 10 second lag time from trying to start a chat with a visitor, to the chat box actually appearing in front of the visitor.
  • Analytics dashboard can become unreliable without proper maintenance.
  • Freshchat is apparently not of the same quality as Freshworks other tools, such as Freshdesk.


Freshchat Pricing: Freshdesk has five pricing tiers, starting with a free plan. The free plan is enough to get an idea of what the platform looks like, but it won’t provide you with enough power for a sales or support team. After the free plan, pricing starts at $15 per agent / per month (e.g. 2 agents = $30/mo), and then goes up to $109 per agent / per month, which is their Enterprise level pricing. Features needed is what will move you and your team into higher pricing tiers.

#20. Best Sales Chatbot: ManyChat

ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger bot-building platform with integrated live chat and chatbot communication.

sales chatbot - ManyChat
ManyChat Features:
  • Build chatbot with visual flow builder and editor
  • Chatbot templates
  • Store user data
  • Enable bot to send email notifications
  • Multilingual chatbots
  • Integrate with other business systems


Pros - ManyChat:
  • Built-in marketing tools


Cons - ManyChat:
  • Pricing based on number of contacts you have
  • Lack of flexibility for custom coding
  • Limited community resources


ManyChat Pricing: ManyChat has a free account that you can use to test out the platform. However, if you want to use it for business, pricing starts at $10/mo for 500 subscribers. There are 7 more pricing tiers, which goes up to $145/mo for more than 20K subscribers per month. If you go above 25K subscribers in a month, which most medium or large sized companies do, you need to talk to ManyChat about a pricing plan.

#21. Best Sales Chatbot: Drift

Drift is a platform that utilizes live chat and automated chatbot software.

sales chatbot - Drift
Drift Features:
  • Mobile application
  • Manage complex customer cases through tickets
  • Option for automated messaging
  • Automate activities with a chatbot
  • Store data about visitors
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Integrates with other business systems


Pros - Drift:
  • Strong lead generation features
  • Ease of use
  • Lots of automation tools to choose from


Cons - Drift:
  • Pricing is extremely high compared to the competition which offer similar or better feature sets, especially if you have multiple teams and want to route chats between them
  • Mobile application and web chat has many bugs, for example it has an issue where the web chat thinks you are a returning visitor (eg: Hi, welcome back Sarah) even though you are not that person.
  • Many competitors outscore Drift in key feature areas (like bot builder) and sell for a lower price
  • The bot builder is less powerful than other products (MobileMonkey, ManyChat, Chatfuel, etc.) yet is only available in the enterprise edition
  • No support for messaging (SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)


Drift Pricing: Drift has a free plan that doesn’t include any notable features. After that, pricing begins at $50/mo and then jumps to $400/mo, $1500/mo and custom pricing with an additional charge for each user.

#22. Best Sales Chatbot: Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a self-serve bot-building platform that allows for live chat and automated chatbot integration.

sales chatbot - Chatfuel
Chatfuel Features:
  • Facebook Messenger platform
  • Bot templates
  • Multilingual bots
  • Store user data
  • Keyword auto-responses
  • Integration with other business systems


Pros - Chatfuel:
  • Provides flexibility for custom coding.
  • No coding experience required.
  • Free version allows you to get to know what’s available to you on the platform.


Cons - Chatfuel:
  • Limited almost entirely to Facebook Messenger. Limited integrations and channels to use the product with are the main setback for Chatfuel, and with similar pricing to competitors, you’re not getting as much bang for your buck.
  • Surprisingly lacking in marketing tools available to use on the platform.
  • Not as easy to get started with Chatfuel as it is with many Messenger bot builders.
  • Need to rely on many third party integrations to get the most out of the product.


Chatfuel Pricing: Free version provides access to basic features and up to 1,000 subscribers. Pro version starts at $15/mo, but is based on number of users and only up to 500 subscribers, so you get less subscribers, in exchange for more features. There are 7 more tiers in the Pro plan alone, maxing out at $180/mo for up to 25,000 subscribers.

#23. Best Sales Chatbot: Verloop

Verloop is a platform for personalized conversations with leads, and focuses in converting those leads into paying customers. They also have bots for Shopify, WordPress, and Magento.

sales chatbot - Verloop
Verloop Features:
  • Bots for Messenger, website, in-app
  • Ecommerce bots for Shopify, Wordpress, and Magento
  • Chatbot-to-human handoff for support
  • Code free, drag and drop interface
  • APIs, webhooks
  • Analytics, sentiment analysis
  • Answer visitors FAQs


Pros - Verloop:
  • Easy to implement and has many integrations.


Cons - Verloop:
  • Ability to create chatbot conversational flows is limited.
  • No ability to broadcast, which limits your capabilities with the platform.


Verloop Pricing: Verloop’s pricing is either free or negotiated once you need to upgrade. There’s a free forever Starter plan for up to 500 monthly conversations, which includes features like FAQ automation, bot builder, live chat, CRM integration and Facebook Messenger bots. Then there’s a Enterprise plan which includes all features, for which you’ll need to contact Verloop to negotiate pricing.

#24. Best Sales Chatbot: Intercom

Intercom is a live chat and automation platform that you can use to identify and qualify leads, provide real-time prospect and customer support, and build custom chatbots.

sales chatbot - Intercom
Intercom Features:
  • Native mobile applications
  • Conversation performance and analytics
  • Automated messaging
  • Store data about visitors
  • Integration with other business systems


Pros - Intercom:
  • Robust platform
  • Supports bots and live chat
  • Options to create custom chatbots


Cons - Intercom:
  • Limited to your website only
  • Custom chatbots are very expensive (additional $500/mo)
  • Non-flexible pricing model
  • Customer support is only through chat - frustrating for such an expensive platform


Intercom Pricing: Pricing is complicated with Intercom. There are a-la-carte products available, however, you almost always need multiple products to achieve your business goals. To have all the features listed here, and to qualify Intercom in the web chat apps category, you’re looking at at least $1,000/mo or more just to get started.

#25. Best Sales Chatbot: Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is a help desk software that uses live chat as a communication feature.

sales chatbot - Zendesk Chat
Zendesk Chat Features:
  • Organize customer requests into tickets
  • Prioritizing tickets
  • Team cooperation
  • Set up predefined responses to queries
  • Mobile application
  • Track chat volume


Pros - Zendesk Chat:
  • Good live visitor tracking
  • Lots of useful triggers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Monitor data in real-time
  • Track operator productivity


Cons - Zendesk Chat:
  • Too advanced if you’re looking for a simple live chat app
  • Not a native WordPress plugin
  • Limited features in the free version
  • Extremely expensive


Zendesk Chat Pricing: Zendesk Chat has a free trial, after that the platform can become quite expensive, but starts at $14/mo per user (just for the chat feature), and then quickly goes up to $199/mo per user and beyond.

How to choose the best sales chatbot platform for your business

Step 1 - Consider the requirements for your sales enablement chatbot. Requirements involve the functionality of the sales enablement chatbot, the budget your business is willing to provide for the chatbot platform and chatbot creation, and the end goal of the sales enablement chatbot.

Functionality involves multiple things; what the sales enablement chatbot will say and act like, what the chatbot will do (i.e., will it simply support sales people or will it sell on its own as a 24/7 automated sales bot?), and what information the chatbot will collect from users.

Understanding these things and determining them for your business’s needs is the most important aspect of the sales enablement chatbot creation process.

Step 2 - Weigh the pros and cons of a number of different sales enablement chatbot platforms, comparing the key features of the platforms and what they mean in regards to your sales enablement chatbot requirements.

Ask plenty of questions to each sales enablement chatbot platform to ensure that you are equipped with the best information possible and prepared to make a well-informed decision.

Step 3 - Once you’ve adequately compared and contrasted a number of different sales enablement platforms keeping your requirements for your sales enablement chatbot in mind, select the platform that most distinctly adheres to your business needs.

Step 4 - Once you’ve chosen the best sales enablement chatbot platform for your business in consideration of your budget and sales enablement chatbot requirements, create and deploy the chatbot.

We hope you’ve found the best sales chatbot soluiton for your business. Please let us know what you think and if you feel other more qualified platforms should have made the list. Thank you!

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