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All-Around Best Features & Value

  • 100% free plan, non-expiring
  • Unlimited contacts on all plans
  • Flexible upgraded feature plans start at $19/mo
  • Cross-platform bots work on multiple channels
  • One-on-one premier consulting option for any size business

Messaging & Voice Conversational Platform

  • Create conversational campaigns for multiple channels
  • Including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SMS, Web Chat

PPC Bot Platform

  • Create Conversational Landing Pages
  • Improve PPC Conversion Rate
  • Qualify Leads with Chatbots

Develop Facebook Messenger Bots

  • Tiered pricing plans
  • No previous coding knowledge required
  • Facebook Messenger focused platform for sales and marketing bots

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Facebook Messenger chatbots are artificial intelligence computer characters that can hold conversations with humans from within the Facebook Messenger chat application.

Businesses can develop inexpensive, feature-rich automated chat solutions for customer communication ranging from customer service to entertainment to marketing and sales automation that runs on the end-user's Facebook Messenger mobile app or desktop app, or on the business website for users with a Facebook Messenger log in.

Facebook Messenger chatbots are a scalable and affordable solution that can help business operate at a high-level on par with large scale systems.

Advantages of Facebook Messenger chatbots include the fact that there are over 1.4 billion active global users of Facebook Messenger. Customers report instantaneity and convenience of communicating with service providers from the chat applications they already have as their top two reasons for favoring chat for customer service communications. This is followed by the benefit of retaining a persistent chat history, another unique advantage of chatbots in Facebook Messenger.

How to Choose the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform

Depending on the amount of lines/extensions needed, your monthly business phone service fees can start as low as $20 per line from an award-winning small business VoIP service like Vonage Business. Knowing exactly what you need will make the transition fast, easy, and cost-effective.

From small business VoIP providers to enterprise VoIP phone systems, every business phone service has a different list of feature sets, and prices. Depending on the size of your company, you must take in to account system features needed, and the amount of unanticipated usage.

Step 1 - check your internet connection/bandwidth to make sure you have sufficient Internet speed (your phone provider or Internet provider can you help determine this).

Step 2 - with your budget, calling needs, and phone system features in mind, narrow down particular small business VoIP offerings to see who can offer you the best service package for your budget.

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Finally - compare companies, available features, and their reliability by reading reviews from small business VoIP users.

Here are some questions to ask a potential
Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform

  • What are the costs of using the platform?
  • Does the platform build the bot or simply support it?
  • Does the platform support the collection of user data?
  • Does the platform integrate with other business management systems?
  • What features and functions of the Facebook Messenger chatbot can be supported?
  • What does the contract involve?
  • What customer support options are made available?
  • Are there tutorials, help docs, or white papers to assist in learning about Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Key Benefits of using a Facebook Messenger partner platform for your chatbot:

24/7 Business

A Facebook Messenger chatbot does not turn on and off; it functions as long as a human user is on the other end of the chat interface talking to it. This means that Facebook Messenger chatbots do not adhere to strict business hours and they can continue doing business with clients and customers long after the work day has ended. Customers can go to a business’s Facebook Messenger chatbot to conveniently solve any number of customer service problems, product help issues, and more. Similarly, chatbots are not a paid part of staff. Often, the cost of creating the chatbot and maintaining the chatbot using the selected Facebook Messenger chatbot platform are the only costs involved, saving businesses tons of money by requiring less people power and fewer global teams.

Convenient Communication

Facebook Messenger chatbots are known for their quick and easy problem solutions, inviting chat interface, and quirky personalities that draw users in and help them reach an end goal efficiently. This convenient method of communication is better for both businesses and customers. Businesses can save money by no longer relying on massive customer service or sales teams, and they can save time by directing their most commonly asked customer questions to the chatbot. Customers benefit too, as they are able to get easy answers without having to wait on hold or speak to an automated voice.

Retaining Chat History

One of the best parts about using Facebook Messenger chatbots is the ability to retain a full chat history with any user that interacts with the bot. Facebook Messenger as a platform does not delete chat history. This allows the bot to infer from the previous chat history, making the interaction even more efficient.

Easily Build Contacts

Using Facebook Messenger as a platform to host a chatbot allows a business to easily build contacts, as Facebook users that interact with a Facebook Messenger contact are added to a Facebook Messenger contact list. This allows for remarketing tactics and drip campaigns to be used as the customers interacting with the Facebook Messenger chatbot remain in the Messenger contact list and can be easily found again.

Any way you slice it, an educated business is an empowered business – know what is available and take advantage of it.

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