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Bold360 Review - Summary

What is Bold360?

Bold360 is a conversational AI and live chat platform with customer engagement and customer service features. While Bold360 is one of the more comprehensive AI chatbot solutions on the market, it’s also one of the most expensive and not worth most companies time to consider.

How do we know Bold360 is expensive? After finding zero pricing information on Bold360 online, one of our team members did some undercover work and was told by a Bold360 sales rep that the typical deployment cost of Bold360 was between $60,000 and $100,000.

That’s how we know most companies will not want to consider Bold360 as their live chat solution. It’s a major expense, and once that contract to get started with implementation is signed, it’s going to be near impossible to get your money back if you’re not happy with the platform.

Bold 360 is a LogMeIn product that was acquired in 2017, and was formerly known as Nanorep. Nanorep was an innovative AI chatbot company from Israel, and that technology is now utilized to power Bold360 ai’s chatbot solution.

What LogMeIn has done quite well with Bold360 is its management and balance of the AI chatbot and live agent features. Bold360 doesn’t rely too heavily on either the technology or human elements needed to make use of the platform.

The biggest downside to Bold360 however, is the price point and the amount of maintenance required to keep the platform up-to-date and useful for your team. Ultimately, you’re not getting more measurable value from Bold360 than you can with much cheaper live chat software platforms from an ROI or even feature-set standpoint.

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Bold360 Features
Integrations and API
Bold360 Pricing
Pros and Cons - Bold360
Bold360 Review - Final Analysis
Bold360 Competitors and Alternatives
Frequently Asked Questions - Bold360

Bold360 Features

  • Bold360 chat widget: You have the option to customize the look of the Bold360 live chat widget and buttons by changing things like the color and transparency settings. In the example image to the right, you can see a welcome message, a few FAQs with articles, and a question with multiple-choice options for the visitor to answer.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities: Bold360 ai utilizes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to have conversations with customers.
  • Knowledge base: Bold360 chatbots can work as an advisor to live chat agents in the system’s back end. Using machine learning, Bold360 will attempt to understand the customer’s intent and retrieve information from its knowledge base to serve up an answer to their questions.
Bold360 review - Bold360 chat widget
  • Canned messaging: Using an algorithm to search the canned messages repository to answer customer questions, search results update to present agents with the most relevant responses.
  • Visitor monitoring: Bold360 lets you follow along as website visitors move from page to page. You can customize your workspace to include info such as the number of previous visits, how the person arrived (including search engine keyword), landing page, geographic location, time on site, and current URL.
Bold360 review - Bold360 analytics
  • Proactive live chat: Collect contact information from the visitor before a chat begins, keep them posted on time expectations while they wait in a queue, or gauge their satisfaction after the live chat session.
  • Video chat: You have the option to turn live chat into a video conversation for visual demonstrations or consultations, as well as the option to screen share.
  • Multilingual and proactive chatbots: Bold360 has auto-complete and multi-language capabilities (although they don’t specify which languages, or how many are available). Bold360's proactive chatbots are designed to be autonomous and engage when the chatbot software anticipates your customers' needs with auto-complete search terms, your customers get faster resolutions.
Bold360 review
  • Administration tools: Bold360 offers administrative tools that allow users with permission to access security features, reporting, routing, and testing. It also offers channel management where users can have control over the platform’s chats, email, Twitter, SMS, online self-service, and other channels from the same place.
  • Analytics and insights dashboard: Bold360 ai's Voices Dashboard captures customer interaction data to highlight customer needs, create customer profiles, and segment audiences.
Bold360 review - Bold360 customer analytics dashboard

Bold360 Integrations

Bold360 has both native integrations and then an API you can use to build your own. There are however a very limited number of native integrations, which consist of the following:

  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • Zendesk
  • GeoFluent
  • Google Analytics
Bold360 review - Bold360 integrations

Bold360 API and SDK

Bold360 has four distinct APIs: Integration, Data Extraction, Provisioning, and Workflow.

Integration API: Bold360 can integrate with your business systems. The Integration API allows you to build integrations into your contact center infrastructure including your CRM and ticketing systems, for example. You can also:

  • Share Bold360 functionality and chat event data to other systems via bi-directional RESTful API calls.
  • Leverage the API to read or write information from/to your other applications.
  • Present data to agents from disparate systems in a single interface.


The Data Extraction API allows you to log, analyze and gain insights about your operations by extracting data from Bold360. Built for programmatic, bulk exports of data, the JSON REST-based Extraction API is for custom reporting, record keeping, data warehousing or business intelligence needs.

With Bold360’s Provisioning API, you can try to simplify or automate operator setup as operations scale. This API lets you programmatically create, edit and delete agents, canned messages, and auto answers content.

Lastly, the Workflow API supports universal or blended agents who field customer communications across multiple channels, like chat and phone. This API integrates Bold360 with environments that manage agent provisioning, work assignments and routings, such as telephone, workflow management, and personnel provisioning systems.

The Bold360 SDK framework enables you to integrate Bold360 into your applications. A mobile SDK is also available, which enables businesses to embed chat in their native iOS and Android applications, engage customers from different devices, and customize mobile experiences to your brand.

Bold360 Pros and Cons

Pros - Bold360

  • Bold 360 ai: Bold360’s AI conversational system doesn’t require data scientists and is ready to use once it’s turned on. One cool thing about Bold360 ai, is that you can get visibility into how the technology is analyzing input to arrive at resolutions, and you can adjust those resolutions as you see fit.
  • Omnichannel support and engagement: Bold360 offers multiple messaging channels, including SMS/text messaging, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email, and Microsoft Teams.
Bold360 review - Bold360 channels
  • Utilization of customer data: Bold360 consolidates customer data across various interactions with your site, then uses this data to provide insight to your customer support team. It also uses this data to direct users to the best resource for their needs, whether that’s a bot or a member of your live chat team.
  • Tightly integrated live agent and chatbot: Bot-to-agent routing with Bold360 is strong because transfers take place in the same chat window or across channels of engagement. Additionally, Bold360 claims their bots can assist in live agent training, and reduce training time and costs.

Cons - Bold360

  • Implementation time and management: Implementation of Bold360 is long and tedious. Even on the Bold360 website, it says to expect at least 6 weeks to implement the solution. In addition to implementation time, if you expect to get a positive ROI on Bold360, you will absolutely need a dedicated systems administrator and developer to maintain and build out capabilities for your teams using the chatbot software.
  • Pricing: The vast majority of desired features are relegated to the A.I. level plan. This includes their natural language processing tool, A.I.-powered self-service, chatbots, and smart routing. So if you’re looking for these features, be prepared to go with Bold360’s most expensive plan. Remember, the average deployment cost is between $60,000 and $100,000.
  • Customer support: Bold360 offers 24/7 live chat support, however there are several reports of inadequate service due to their outsourced support team. Issue resolution tends to stretch over a few days and there reportedly have been problems with server stability and system outages. Inadequate support for a product this expensive is not an acceptable or sustainable practice.
  • User interface and user experience (UI/UX): Owned by LogMeIn, Bold360 has security features and a UI/UX that feels outdated and hinders the productivity of the end-users. Parts of the platform feel like a legacy system, and although you have everything you need and more with Bold360, it’s just not as smooth or visually appealing as many of the new customer service chatbots on the market.
  • Limited amount of native integrations: Unlike many other live chat software solutions, Bold360 has a very limited number of native integrations. Unfortunately, you’ll need to use their API and SDKs in order to connect most of your tech stack. Integrations and custom development on the platform are overly complex for 2020 and beyond.

Bold360 Pricing

One thing you’ll find hard to come by online is Bold360 pricing. So, we did a little undercover work, requested a quote, and got an answer.

The typical deployment cost of Bold360 is between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. However, on some of the downgraded plans, pricing can start at around $20,000 per year.

Clearly, Bold360 is one of the more expensive live chat and customer support chatbot solutions on the market.

Bold360 review - Bold360 Pricing

Bold360 Review - Final Analysis

If you want to make the customer service process more efficient using chatbots, Bold360 could be a great option, but at a very high cost.($60K - $100K).

Additionally, if you’re already using one of LogMeIn’s other systems like Rescue, then having the “sale save” feature could be an extra bonus with these two systems working in tandem.

However, unless you’re specifically looking for AI features, other live chat services offer many more features at a substantially lower price.

Furthermore, Bold360 highlights the limitations of AI at this point in time. One the one hand, you do get an advanced AI chatbot, but on the other hand, you’ll need to hire someone to continuously maintain the platform and build out functionalities for your teams.

So, although Bold360 may be on the right track, there are AI-powered chatbots that are built to provide much of the same (if not equal) value, have additional marketing features, and require almost no maintenance, all at a fraction of the cost.

Bold360 Competitors and Alternatives

At, we’ve reviewed and ranked hundreds of chatbots and chat platforms. We also rank these chatbots by category.

Here’s how Bold360 stacks up against the competition (#1 being the best) in the “Best Chatbot” categories the platform qualified for:


Live Chat Software

Bold360: #4 out of 24.


Customer Support Chatbot

Bold360: #4 out of 29.


Best AI Chatbots

Bold360: #7 out of 29.


Bold360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bold360 ai typically takes about 6 weeks to implement, but it could be more or less time depending on how many integrations you need.

No, Bold360 does not have ecommerce specific tools for you to utilize. However, technically you can use Bold360 on your ecommerce site, the same way you can use many chatbots for ecommerce. Bold360 leverages artificial intelligence and integrates with your enterprise system to understand questions you ask and give you relevant answers. It can also respond to sudden changes in topic, and ask clarifying questions if it's not sure what you mean. It can also connect you to a human agent in the same chat window.

BoldChat is also known as Bold360 and/or Bold360 ai, which is a conversational AI and live chat platform with customer engagement and customer service features.

No, Bold360 does not have a survey system. However, you can embed 3rd-party surveys. For instance, you can add a question to a LivePerson survey, or add a link to a 3rd-party survey in the widget to get survey results.

Bold360 costs between $60,000 and $100,000 per year. However, on some of the downgraded plans, pricing can go as low as $20,000 per year.

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