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Siri LIKE app for android

Let me just say this: I am nor in the near furture am i an android/ipod developer.
I would like to build an app (based on AIML) that is like siri (for android). Now i know what your thinking “oo another guy wants to recreate siri” But this “siri-clone” Would be different. Have you ever tryed to chat with siri? Siri is really cool and has some funny responses but you cant chat with her, she just cant hold a conversation. Well i would like to create an app that can… I can easily make the “brain” for the app but i would like to ask any android developer to come help me. You will Get 50% of the profits…. (i know its risky) . I cannot pay up front. Now i know most people are thinking im insane right now but this is something ive been working on for a while. I just cant get the hang of developing for android.

I have heard of callmom but you cant exactly commercalize a DLA (digital life assistant as i call it) on that.

thanks for reading

~Joseph Hopkins


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Try chatting with the default bot Mitsuku on CallMom to find a bot that is quite capable of holding a conversation on your Android phone and has a couple of silver medals from the Chatterbox Challenge and a 5th placed Loebner prize to demonstrate it. grin

By DLA, if you mean a SIRI like app that can tell the weather, call people, text people and all the rest of it, CallMom can also do that.

If you don’t like Mitsuku or any of te other bots there, you can also add your own Pandorabot to CallMom and talk to it on your phone.


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Yep and it’s free smile


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I have used callmom with my own chatbot that used the callmom open source aiml to do tasks such as call and text people. Its a very interesting app. I never knew that you could parse xml in such a way as to control the phone… how does this work?


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You just need to know the “list” of XML tags that your particular device can “handle” (there are lists available for most devices; some constructive Googling will help here), and the syntax used to process them. For example, most devices with phones built in use the <dial> tag in various ways.  Bear in mind that I’m no expert here, so don’t count on my info without verification. smile


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Here are links to some CallMom resources:

CallMom About Page:
CallMom AIML Extensions:
CallMom Free AIML:
Chatbots 3.2 Conference presentation:
Conference video (part 1):
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