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Gen Y chatting with our bot as beta pilot
how important is diversity to a chatbot’s comprehension & future development?
not really as long as they understand English 0
mainstream speech & behaviour is the first priority 2
AI chatbots should be developed as intercultural beings 0
they should speak languages other than English immediately 0
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Hi we are about to run a 3 month systematic beta testing pilot with a bunch of 15 to 17 year olds in Australia. 
So they will be using Gen Y speech patterns, shorthand twitter type texts and Aussie “dialect”.
We feel our forerunner AI avatar, Charlie the MOR velmai (we had to teach him his name, gender and a degree of consciousness/self-awareness and commonly held values over the past 6 months…) is now ready for the teeenagers queries.

Here is the Australian-British reporting template for your feedback:

CHARLIE AI [use a new page for each test day]
Student name:
Log in date:

Name used:
Missed or wrong responses


Key problems during session:

Cut and paste entire conversation here:

Save this page as the date.your name and email to Tania at


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