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News about the Loebner 2020 edition?

Do you know anything about this year’s competition for the Loebner prize?
I searched on the net but no information is useful to know how things are and what the hypothetical calendar of the event could be. (Probably only available online?)
If someone knows something or could stimulate the organizers to communicate, it could be useful for everyone.


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There’s nothing planned yet. We’ve had a brief exchange with one of the organisers last month. The Covid-19 crisis derailed things as you can imagine. The organiser seemed to be up for an online event, but wanted consensus from the community first. He hasn’t been able to log in on this forum, but they have enough of our email addresses to ask if they were ready, and you can be certain a call for entries would be posted here as well by one of our own.

Frankly, I do not think there will be a (online) Loebner Prize this year without someone actively coordinating with the AISB, and I’m occupied. For discussion of an online contest, see the other topic. There’s also no harm in emailing the AISB to express your interest.


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