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How to stop cold callers: Inventor creates ingenious AI chatbot to waste time of telemarketers

Story link- How to stop cold callers

We all hate getting disturbed by cold callers trying to sell us things we don’t want. Which is why one man has made it his mission to fight back by building an artificial-intelligence robot that can talk to the caller for you and keep them hanging on the line for as long as possible.

The Jolly Roger telephone is a chatbot that can string along pesky callers pedalling phone insurance or business loans by using a recorded human voice saying things such as ‘Yes’, ‘Uh huh’ and ‘Right’ at perfectly timed moments in the conversation. To make sure the cold caller continues, the clever piece of software pranks the person on the other end using tactics such as pretending to talk to his ‘wife’ or asking the caller to repeat what they just said, saying that he’s just woken up. Thanks to a silence-detection algorithm, it’s even savvy enough to know when the caller is starting to suspect they might be talking to a robot and can suddenly blurt out an off-the-wall comment, which ultimately gets them hanging on a little longer.


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Jolly Roger Telephone

I think this is a ingenious use of a chatbot. Granted it is not new technology but it is a fun one.


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The Youtube channel is well worth watching. I watched them all last night. Some of them are brilliantly funny.


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