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Meet the Australian startup using artificial intelligence to help blind people see

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The first time people use Australian startup Aipoly – an app which helps blind people to see the world using artificial intelligence – they often cry.

Created by entrepreneurs Marita Cheng, Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson, the Aipoly app uses an AI algorithm to near-instantaneously identify an object when a smartphone is held over it and say what it is out loud.

It allows those living with vision impairment to navigate their external surroundings and get around independently.

After launching only three weeks ago, Cheng says the feedback from the blind and vision impaired community has already been overwhelming.

“People have told us that they’ve just started crying when they used it,” Cheng tells StartupSmart.

“They’ll say, ‘I have 200 apps on my phone and none of them have made the difference in my life that Aipoly has.

“It’s an amazing impact you can have on the life of someone that can’t see.”


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