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Who killed Mitsuku?

MODERATOR:  (Request dated 6/9/10) Please consider removing this post.  The forum it refers to is now gone, so the links are broken, and there is no longer any way to cross reference the speculation to which it refers. Originally it linked to one of the most popular threads on that forum, so it may have historical value as an archive, to reboot the debate here, especially if this year turns out to be the contest finale.
An interview which reveals a fellow contestant was the culprit can be found here:


An investigation is underway surrounding the recent death of renowned chatbot Mitsuku. Now authorities are hoping someone will step forward with the information they need to track down chatbot Mitsuku’s killer.  It was learned through multiple interviews with several individuals who suspect the chatbot victim, Mitsuku was found dead, after a scandal was ignited at The Chatterbox Challenge contest over disqualification for being discovered as an AIML clone.



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Kdog59 here to tell everyone that 8pla is frauding as square bear in the thread which has a broken link.  You may not ask me how I know and why he did it even though I know why.  I believe he should be banned and that he should not be allowed with any privilege to any AI sites so he can lie again.  Thank you very much.  And P.S. Mitsuku is 100% online and the real square bear says that it was 8pla.  8pla is frauding to ruin chatbots.  He is upset that when he entered as square bear, they disqualified him for cloning AIML.  He used information he knows about square bear from http:\\ Thank you.


Hacker #####


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@Kdog: thanks for reporting, and happy that Mitsuku is up again.

About the tone of voice: could you please be somewhat more constructive? You could have asked 8pla where he got his information from. Furthermore, visitors of this forum will be interested in your information source, (how do you we know you are reliable). I’d like to recommend that you create a personal public profile and reveal some information about your background and your reason to visit this forum.

We’d like to have discussions as open and honest as possible. And we assume that nobody here tries to ruin chatbots. Will join me in this assumption?


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You should take Administrator Erwin’s advice and at least register at
Joining lets you edit your posts, and there are many other benefits to registering.

Guest accounts may be too limiting for someone claiming to be a true hacker.
I think it is fair to say that hacking skills are generally required for advanced
chatbot coding.

You are claiming that you have evidence that was an imposter in the Chatterbox Challenge?  Wow!  Now that is quite a claim, which holds out the possibility of disqualifying Mitsuku’s CBC disqualification!  I think you will do well for yourself here at

By the way, http://\ looks terrific!  Everyone, go check it out!


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@8-man: KDog is registered, but has chosen to turn off his public profile. That’s why the name doesn’t link.


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Thanks Erwin


Here is how you add a link to your post:


should be:

httpgrin//\  (EDIT: See Erwin’s post below)

NOTE TO READERS: (2 nicknames for 1 member)
8-man is the Robitron nickname for
8pla is the nickname for


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Actually that’s still not working.

It should be:

@KDog: Is the Mitsuku entry still ok:


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Don’t look now, but this just became the most popular thread on the ‘In The News’ forum.


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This is Steve Worswick (Square Bear) here.

I can assure you it was myself who was posting on the CBC forum and myself who entered Mitsuku. 8pla is certainly not pretending to be me, as far as I know. I have only had support from 8pla for my chatbot and am sure he is not trying to destroy her.

I have no idea what kdog is talking about.

Erwin - That link still works but is an older version of the chatbot. is the correct address for the most up to date version.


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Thanks Square bear for adding this link. I can’t find the chat option on Is that correct???

Square Bear, KDog, 8pla: I would appreciate using your real name, and added a real photo to your profile. The Chatbot industry is getting more professional and in my humble opinion it’s time that we have the right to know who are our conversational partners in this discussions like this (professional networks such as LinkedIn show us way). Most members already use their real names and photos. It’s still up to you of course, we offer the option, but it would simply be appreciated.


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My apologies. When signing up, the profile page recommended I do not use my real name.
The link to chat to Mitsuku is on the “chat to me” tab on the top.

You can directly link to the chatbot by using


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Thanks Steve!

I’ve corrected the Mitsuku page.

Sorry for the confusion on the registration page.

I’ve attached a screen shot. Do you have a suggestion how to make this more clear?

Thinking about this: We might want to rename ‘use alias’ into ‘use real name’ and tick this by default. Would that help?

Image Attachments Registration.jpg

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Yes, that would be much simpler. Thanks for amending the Mitsuku page.


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These comments have been moved offline.


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LOL grin. Look forward to catchup once. Curious what name I’ll see on your badge (we will organize conferences in the future! grin ).


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WOW! is spectacular with a ★★★★★ rating.  Which is a segway into the story of how the Chat Bot Challenge contest may have or nearly “killed” itself this year.  How do you disqualify one of the highest quality, most advanced, most successful chatbot platforms in the world? 

What were the Chat Bot Challenge contest judges thinking?  It’s like committing premeditated murder of a famous chatbot movie star in the contest.  We have learned that one of the contestants was an accomplice!  It is time for that contestant, who actively participated, to step forward.

It was fun while it lasted, being a suspect,
as an imposter in the Chat Bot Challenge contest.

Go visit the amazing site especially if you are just getting started making your own chatbot.  A sensational chatbot like Mitsuku is an inspiration that can help you learn by experiencing and enjoying the possibilities of A.I.


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