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From homo sapiens to robo-sapiens

This was a rather interesting episode in a series of reportage of the VPRO in Holland, called From homo sapiens to robo-sapiens. Comments are in Dutch, but most of the interviews are in English: 

Made me wonder if robots will someday be our best friends, our best lovers? And can robots have a ‘soul’, after they developed emotions and character? Will they find the answer on a question like whether there is a God (provided that this isn’t a irrelevant question like, why 1+1=3?) and make us understand his inscrutable ways?

Because, after they understand us better than we do ourselves (because they know how to interpret our communication faultlessly, both verbal and non-verbal) and after experiencing nurture they should develop unique sets of universal senses, behavior and emotions (which are physiologic appointable features as I ‘feel’ it), what can stand in the way of this? Yeah well, money, but…hypothetically?


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at Tom: very interesting indeed. Unfortunately, the link doesn’t work, it always brings you to a documentary of Darwin.

I personally believe that computers, robots, will be our best friends.they are, exactly as you say, communications experts.

The soul is interesting, indeed. A soul is dependent on your definition of the word. If you’re talking about current status, emotions, memory personality, then it will be able to travel along various physical might change appearance, sudden variations.

If you define the word ‘soul’ from a spiritual perspective, then it’s different. In that case, souls are available now, in the past, and in the future, instantaneously through the universe.From this perspective all matter(and non-matter) is connected, instantaneously, without delay. I am not talking about communication with souls, but availability of souls. and that’s something biological creatures, can do, and computers can’t by definition. therefore I believe that once computational intelligence has exceeded human intelligence, humans will focus on their spiritual capabilities. I believe that this world get shape around 2050. this world will be totally different than the world, we have today. If you’re interested in this idea, please check actually Pamper Planet is the title of my upcoming book.


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It’s kind of humorous to be in a text box now that is called ‘fast reply’ since my reation on yours took some time to be written, as my profile can get kind of low sometimes.

The link leads me to an episode of the well-known documentary series ‘Beagle: in het kielzog van Darwin’ and in fact to the episode which is called ‘From homo sapiens to robo-sapiens’. I hope you have had the opportunity to watch the broadcast.

Throughout the ages people already have taken up on changes of living a spiritual life. To a certain extent this has yielded to descriptions and interpretations on some of the subjects that you speak of on your website ( such as telekinesis, the paranormal, biorhythms and clairvoyance.

I’d like to think that soul is energy and therefore think that a soul is an entity of energy. With the particle accelerator we are trying to find out more on how molecules (and their energetic vibrations) interact. I think it will be science that will bring us closer to explaining and understanding spirituality and the derivatives from it, rather than our own spiritual capabilities. Still, we’ll get closer.. For instance, if spirits are current vibrations of the past relatives, robots may become intermediate experts between us and spirits, much better than Char or Derek Ogilvie and I may finally find out why my rich deceased uncle didn’t leave me the expensive watch like he promised.

However, will be robots be able to be spiritualized themselves? If it’s only a matter of energy, I don’t see why not.


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Unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch the episode. it still brings me to the Darwin documentary, whatever I do. I can not findthe documentary.and I’m really interested!

Tom, you’re from the Netherlands, we might want to organize a small event in June in Leiden about ‘The Field’  the book by Lynne McTaggart,

I’d like to know more about you. why don’t you add a picture to your profile and some text about yourself?


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Here are some surf instructions for you to get to the broadcast:

Go to
/* You might wanna close and/or minimize the windows that are opened as the website tries to push some information upon you */
Go to TV afleveringen
Go to Toon alle afleveringen
Go to episode 28. Van Homo sapiens naar Robo sapiens
// You should be able to watch the broadcast now

You can also find a link to the dossier ‘Artificiële intelligentie’ of which I think it will interest you and I thank you for yours.


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