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My learning AI Jay Sim

This is not my original program (all rights to LEO by Alan J.Brown) but I made a new database for it and I beleive enhanced it. Have a look guys I will have a link here. Have fun, give him some talk and all and every feed back is much appreciated.


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It seems that “Dante - The Language Learning Chatterbot” (above link) is the successor to Leo, and that Alan J. Brown was on Twitter at until late 2010.  I believe he is now head developer at .


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This was my conversation with Leo. I edited the swearing out:

You: My name is Steve
Leo: Hi My name is Steve

You: What is my name?
Leo: Ok, do you remember your name

You: A pony is a small horse
Leo: Nathan is a small horse

You: What is a small horse?
Leo: The ability to have a small horse

You: What is a pony?
Leo: Now what we have here is a f***ing freeballer

Am I doing something wrong, as it didn’t seem to learn anything?



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An interesting bot you have made, but I got some wild results.


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Hey Steve, thanks for the feedback. Though you only showed a small portion of your conversation and I’m wondering what else you said to make him swear. Did you teach it so him?


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This was the full conversation I had with it. I terminated it once it swore at me.


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