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Help with AIML Syntax

i’m a post grad student doing my college project in aiml.i’m new to it not able to run in python.i’m getting an error like C:\Users\ManuMahi\Desktop>python basic_chat.aiml
  File “basic_chat.aiml”, line 1
  <aiml version=“1.0.1” encoding=“UTF-8”>
SyntaxError: invalid syntax.
help me with this.


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Tahir - Please post this in a new thread. Bumping up a 5 year old thread with an unrelated question isn’t really acceptable.


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I’ve gone ahead and split the thread, creating this new request, Steve. This way Tahir’s question gets the attention it deserves.

@Tahir: Hi, and welcome to While we encourage new members to read through any/all of our older threads in order to gain insight and knowledge, we prefer that any questions that you have be posted in new threads, so that you get answers and advice more quickly. Please consider this in the future.

As to your question, I don’t have much experience with Python, and no idea which python script you’re using, so I don’t have any specific advice, other than to ask that you provide us with further information. The more we know about your specific issue, the more we can help.


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took the code from github

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took the code from github


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You are on the right track… Wow!

The Python interpreter expects
a file that ends with a “.py”

So for example:

C:\Users\Student\Desktop> python

reads data from markup language file.

Good work so far, friend.


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