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Chatbots - New Virtual Support Service

The e-commerce industry is the one that is permanently adapting. Over the next few months, we are going to see the rise of even more trends, all of them will be likely designed for delivering a better user experience to customers.

Naturally, it takes some time before being adopted by the majority in the e-commerce system, but keeping an eye on the technological advancements is more than necessary.

A chatbot is a software technology that imitates real human interaction in a written or spoken way. It can be represented as a website bot, chatbot app, social media chatbot and a voice assistant.

The value of using this technology is that it saves time and expenses by automating customer support in an e-commerce space 24/7. Another advantage is that it generates leads and, thus, revenue by gathering preliminary information about a client. Besides, chatbots can redirect a prospective customer to the information they are most interested in.

A great customer service chatbot example is Hipmunk. This travel search engine uses the technology for travel-related questions and recommendations on their website. As well, the office supply retailer Staples uses a chatbot to offer products based on order history. It helps to complete a purchase directly through a chat.

Since the technology is relatively new, users will likely suspect that they are communicating with a robot; particularly when live-chatting. Chatbot technology is dependent upon a progression in NLP (natural language processing), and without considerable improvement in this field, it will remain a limited algorithm and continue to struggle with more complex speech (jokes, metaphors, dialects).

On the other hand, with every passing year, e-commerce chatbots become more advanced and communicate more naturally. Who knows, they may become humanized to the extent we cannot distinguish them from real human beings.

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Especially AI customer service chatbots are employed to solve customer queries independently without any humans involvement. Let us see the future of chatbots in customer service.


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Chatbots in business is vital today.
benefits of using a chatbot in business

Increased business process efficiency
ROI is high
24/7 communication


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Chatbots are taking industries by storm. Its the new era off AI and Communication. The benefits of chatbots for business if finite. Know more


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