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ARC: AI2 Reasoning Challenge

Developed by researchers at the Allen Institute for AI (AI2), a nonprofit based in Seattle, the AI2 Reasoning Challenge (ARC) will pose elementary-school-level multiple-choice science questions. Each question will require some understanding of how the world works.

Here’s one question: “Which item below is not made from a material grown in nature? (A) a cotton shirt (B) a wooden chair (C) a plastic spoon (D) a grass basket”

Requirements: A published paper (on ArXiv for instance)
Reward: Being on the leaderboard, I guess?


  [ # 1 ]

Funny, I just came to the forums to report this paper:

I was going to ask Don if this was up his alley. Seems like he beat me to it.


  [ # 2 ]

Haha smile. Thanks for thinking of me, Peter. As coincidence would have it, I’m currently enhancing my program’s common sense module in anticipation of the results of this year’s Winograd Schema Challenge (I didn’t participate, but I reckon I’ll run the questions by my program and write something about it).

I will certainly take a closer look at the ARC test’s easy question set later to see what I’m missing. But without prizes, I can’t afford the time to tackle the whole thing. I don’t have an academic career to advance through the publishing of papers.


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