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Judge My Chatbot Transcript

Unfortunately, this year my chatbot entry crashed just before the chatbot contest deadline. The bad news was, by the time I finally resuscitated my chatbot, it was too late to enter the contest.  The good news is my resuscitated chatbot just completed an entire contest round of the actual questions asked this year. So, I wrote a simple program to let you… Judge My Chatbot Transcript

Thanks for being a chatbot contest judge at:


  [ # 1 ]

We have a few scores from our first judges!  Of course, it is up to them to disclose their scores.

Suggestions are so helpful as feedback to improve this all new chatbot, successfully

running on the new message-mode protocol .

Thank you so much, judges!


  [ # 2 ]

Some of the judges are from the UK, while other judges are from the US.  Together these judges are providing comprehensive statistics to help this chatbot make a full recovery.

With new constraints being introduced, the Turing test chatbot contests require open source. To be compatible, the chatbot must be easily saved from the Internet using any webbrowser. 

Essentially A.I. researchers must release the source code of their life’s work, to be compliant with the new chatbot Turing test contests.


  [ # 3 ]

The Loebner contest does not require open source, just not internet connected.

Never submit to a contest org that you don’t trust.

If you believe your code has commercial value, don’t open source.
If not, then there is no problem and you may get kudos for your code and thought process.

You also retain the copy rights to your source, although it can be more easily emulated if published.


  [ # 4 ]

Hi Merlin,

I may write a book someday on the benefits I’ve enjoyed from my real world expertise.  I am published in a PhD thesis on A.I. in the UK, which I feel so proud of.  As a Judge in the oldest Turing test contest, who worked with its founder in person. It is a matter of official record, I judged the very chatbot, that went on to be the first to pass the Turing test.  In simple terms, I can explain why the doubters are incorrect, but you will have to read my book to find out. A few years back I defeated the current world champion chatbot in the oldest Turing Test Contest.  That is why those who did not make it into the final round should know they are not out until the contest is over.  Anything can happen until then, and probably will.

Many in the A.I. community are aware, my chatbot aired on the news in prime time. And, have seen my television appearances discussing A.I. and my advanced computer programming.  Therefore, my comments here are solely intended to discuss a trend, as an expert I think, new Turing test contests are taking. Not to disparage any new Turing test contest in particular. 

Especially a new Turing test contest that is carrying on a tradition.  Nor are complaints about JavaScript or JavaScript developers intended in any way. Proof of this, is that I proposed a solution in a working prototype.  Replace public direct interaction with the chatbot, with public interactive transcripts of the chatbot.  Let the public learn what it takes to be the judge, by publicly scoring the transcripts.


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