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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..


Hello people I have to do an online survey for my bachelor thesis. The topic is chatbot prototyping and affects companies who have developed a chatbot. I would be very happy if you could forward the survey to companies. The survey is in German. Can someone help me out?
Thank you.
Here is the Link


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4 threads all saying exactly the same thing is unlikely to make you many friends here.


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Now there is only one, Steve. cheese

@Bardia: Hi, and welcome to smile

At the risk of sounding like a language snob, I feel that I must respectfully decline your invitation, mainly (but not entirely) on the grounds that my understanding of German is poor enough that I would be worse than useless. I expect that your reason for not providing an english version of the survey is very similar to my not wishing to take a survey in German, in that it would be a lot of work for relatively little gain. that may sound callus, but at least it’s honest. I do wish you well with your survey, however.


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