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:redo / :retry functionality

Good morning all,

I am not getting the outcome I expect when I use the Chatscript commands :redo and :retry.  When I use either of these commands followed by my new input I am being sent back to the beginning as if I had done :reset.  And when I check my topic file my variables have been reset as for :reset.

I have tried this on both the Chatbot I am testing and on Harry and get the same thing happen.

Please can anyone help me?





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CS engine bug. fixed for next release.


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Thank you, Bruce.


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Hello all,

I’m trying to set up a German chatbot, with parameters language=GERMAN #GERMAN, but whenever I :retry the conversation starts again, the same way it’s mentioned above. I tried both CS 10.0 and an older version 8.6. Does anyone have an idea why this happens? ( :retry works alright when CS is not switched to German )


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