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Cannot execute Binary LinuxChatScript

What is wrong here?
When I call the file, (it is executable) I receive this message:
    bernard@debian:~/Chatscript$ BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64 local
    bash: BINARIES/LinuxChatScript64: cannot execute binary file: Erreur de format pour exec()

Thanks in advance


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I found that building and installing curl in /usr/local (the default location) was necessary to get the Linux binary to run. I did get some error on trying to run it out of the box, although on second thoughts my first problem was it whining about dictionary file format, so that may not be the same problem. Anyway, it allowed things to work OK as it couldn’t find the curl library.


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Hi Bernard
on Linux, after download/clone of github repo
you have to set the file executable with command:

$ chmod a+x ./LinuxChatScript64

see also:



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Giorgio, you’re right, but Bernard did say that the file was executable. 32-bit kernel?


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Yes Robert, it could be! In case of a 32-bit kernel, CS must be recompiled.


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You were right
I have a Intel i5-3230M at 2.60GHz, Jessie 32 bits.


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