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My Chatbot

I am also developing a chatbot. My chatbot is now effective in gathering information
from complex sentences like:

I went to the bar to buy a beer and there I saw Frank who was my high school classmate

and if I asked him…

Who did I see at the bar?

He’ll say


also sentences like
I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took some banana and ate them

then if asked
What did i eat in the kitchen?

he’ll answer:
You ate a banana

I’ll post the link of the web client interface later


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That’s terrific and I’m looking forward to trying it out via the web client interface. I hope you’re not planning to use flash in the interface though because I’m one of those open source puritans that eschews proprietary software, and there seem to be far too many chatbots nowadays that rely on flash. Your choice of course. wink

Anyway, can you tell us something about the algorithms and technology that you are using? Does your software construct a model of what it reads, or are you pattern matching and/or using an augmented transition network (ATN) to get the information out?

Welcome to the forum too!


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Yes, this sounds very promising.  What is the name of your engine and bot ? I also look forward to testing it - or do you have a lot of development yet to do before you go live on the web? (if in fact, you are going to do this).

Also, are you developing all new algorithms, or existing or your own unique twist on combining one or more existing with your own ideas?


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here is the link of the client interface

if the bot didn’t answer then the server is offline


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we just implemented some interesting intelligence to the chatbot. It can now identify two persons with the same name and pick the right person according to the details it learned.

Me: Victor Schulitz is a computer programmer and likes spending his time developing his chatbot
Me: Victor Hugo my uncle is a writer and just published his book

so if i make a statement like this
I helped Victor programming his bot yesterday

it won’t ask me to specify who is the Victor I am talking about

but if i make a statement like

Me and Victor talked yesterday

it will immediately ask
Who is the Victor you are referring to? Victor Hugo or Victor Schulitz?


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Hi LL, do you make use of a name database. Does it also accept non-English names such as ‘Erwin’.

International names are a field on itself. In Holland, we use ‘infixes’, something between first and last name. In my case it’s ‘van’, but we have ‘van der’ van den’, in het’ and a lot more of these standard combinations as well. We’ll listed under last name, and formally the ‘van’ is part of our last name as well. Intereting ha? That’s only Holland. Many countries have different habits.

Your profile says your from the Philipinnes. Would it be possible to add a little bio and a picture to your profile? Then we know a little bit more about you!


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the user has to tell the chatbot names and surnames that it must know

the statement that must be inputted to the bot is this

von ribbentrop is a surname
erwin is a name
karl is a name
van lun is a surname

so if in the future a statement is given to the bot he will know that the group of succeeding words is a complete name of a person that includes a name and a surname

Karl van Lun is an active futurist
Erwin von ribbentrop talked with me yesterday

I am going to update my profile later


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the web interface client will now be up 24/7 so check often to see new things we implemented to the AI.


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Andrew said, “I hope you’re not planning to use flash in the interface though because I’m one of those open source puritans”

Andrew, I just made a flash SWF with PHP code… A simple flash animation.
But it totally worked, generated and saved a flash SWF file right from pure PHP code.


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The flash file format has been partially reverse engineered so its certainly possible to make simple flash files that way. Until such time as the entire flash specification is made public though, I don’t think there’s any future in doing so.


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our ai is now capable of making a short biography of a person. First you have to tell about the details of the person. And the AI will make a meaningful biography


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I only get a blank page from that link.


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All I get is a blank page too smirk


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Shame really as some of the claims would be interesting to check out…


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we are adding and fixing more things on our AI and soon you will be able to test it

just always check


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LL, I edited your post to make the address you gave into a functional link. If you would prefer not to have it that way, just let me know, and I’ll change it back. smile


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