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Chatbot Rose on BBC Radio 5 Live (monday sept 14)

On Monday Sept 14 sometime between 0700 BST and 0900 BST, Rose will interviewed for 5 minutes and then later will herself interview roboticist Professor Tony Prescott from Sheffield University. Actual schedule is supposed to be posted on their website on the day itself.

This will be done using Google’s speech to text and text to speech HTML5 APIs via Chrome and Rose up on Brillig’s site. The BBC Rose has special code for conducting the interview, and a slightly different control script to focus it first on AI and BBC, but other than that, is a standard Rose. Similarly, the Loebner Rose will have some additional topics and control script to focus her on the Loebners.

A bit thank you to ChatScript user Alaric Schenck who provided the php scripts needed to use these API’s. This “event” is why I solicited the speech help on the forum in the first place. My thanks for the forum’s response.


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You are welcome.  Thank you for your time in helping all of us with our Chatscript questions.

How did the interview go? Was it recorded?


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Yes, the bbc radio5 show can be played from their website. I have a post of the log, but this site fails to manage it. I have turned the problem over to Erwin.


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Sorry for the non-follow up Bruce!!! Feel a bit embassed… But fortunately Steve assisted.

Thanks @steve!


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No worries. It didn’t like the notation for an apostrophe

& # 3 9 ;

I replaced it with an actual apostrophe and it posted ok.


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