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The Reverse Turing Test: Pretending to Be a Chatbot Is Harder Than You Think

Link (Motherboard)

Turns the tables on the more familiar screed of “Its hard to make a chatbot!”.

A nice article with mentions of some of the Usual Suspects (Chatscript rising?!).

This one hit particularly close to home smile

Fittingly, Bruce gave me two pieces of advice for crafting a giveaway bot-like response to complex inputs: “make general non-sequiturs” and “answer [the] question by finding the most useless noun or verb in the sentence and waxing lyrical about it.


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Years ago there was a online chatbot that challenged Humans to prove they were human. It was way harder that imagined and quite challenging.

I think it was called Mr. Mind, if memory circuits haven’t leaked any smoke. wink


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