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Aztekium Bot

Aztekium Bot (or AZBot) - polish internet bot (Chatbot), which on a basis of casual conversation with the user, helps him in many activities. In contrast to similar chatbots, it does not pretend to be a human, but rather help him in getting information, entertainment and science.
Software is developed since January 2011.

Principle of operation
Aztekium Bot work is exclusively based on webpage. In contrast to other web search engines, main assumption of AZBot is delivery of not just a list of information to choose for user - but giving a one, concrete, expected information by user. Communication interface with bot is text based. Software was written in Python programming language.

Practical bot knowledge
Bot is currently included with few thousands of various solutions and behaviors, such as conversion of weights and measures, conversion exchange rates, administration of the current time in different regions of the world, searching for definition in encyclopedia, skimming words by cases, map search, weather forecasting, chemical formulas, searching for Nobel Prize winners and many other. Few examples below:

Bot also works as a teacher, asking questions for a user. It can teach a languages or math this way, e.g. multiplication table.

It’s working mainly in Polish language, but it use other languages too.
You can tell him ‘hide ads’, to more comfortable working.

I haven’t time to show all options. But some of them in English are here:

Here is bot:


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