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Resurrecting PARRY and ELIZA

I’m trying to resurrect the 1972 PARRY, and 1966 ELIZA chatbots.

I found some (partial?) source to PARRY here,

But it is pretty cryptic LISP code.
Does anyone know of an AIML version of PARRY, or a log of his responses?

The only thing I could find was a log of a conversation between him and Eliza.  I extracted this into a response list here,

and made an attempt of a bot for him here, but his response set is much less than the original.

I had better luck with ELIZA and found an AIML file for her that seems pretty accurate.

I added it to our open script library here,

and a bot for her here,


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That Parry code has been around for a very long time. You’ll need to brush up on your MLISP and you’ll also need a PDP-10 in order to run the code. Could make for an interesting report, “How I spent my summer vacation.” or something like that!

I even did a check at my old friend, Simon Laven’s site and Parry / Perry was not to be found! Simon’s site has been up for many years, way before chatbots were even popular so I thought I worth a try.

Actually, I have been looking for an older chatbot / learning program for many years myself and have had no luck at all. Even the Way-back machine was no real help. It showed the old web site and page but no downloads were available. Even though I didn’t think they would be, it doesn’t hurt to hold out for a tiny bit of luck!

Wish I could help you. You did check out the Chatterbot Collection at AiDreams didn’t you? They have a pretty extensive listing of chatbots.



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I hate to tute my own horn but i have a lot of older chatbots listed at my website chatbotfriends I have a knack for digging and finding chatbots that many thought were lost. So check there.


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