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SKYSISS chatbot throughout USSD commands (Skype/Jabber/WhatsApp)

SKYSISS is an irreplaceable chatbot helper that renders 24х7 assistance to Skype/Jabber/WhatsApp users whenever they need it.

One can easily register for the service at skysiss website. After registration SKYSISS is added to the user’s contacts list and by typing simple commands and questions in a dialogue box (without any necessity to open a browser window) the user can:

• find out weather forecast and time in any city and town of the world;
• get currency exchange rates of 10 largest banks of the world;
• read the latest IT news (ru only);
• create any hash;
• relax a little by playing different games and reading horoscopes;
• predict future with the help of Magic8-Ball;
• send messages from Skype to WhatsApp and vice versa!

SKYSISS combines quick help, fun relaxation and simple communication within one’s favorite IM clients!

At present the developer of SKYSISS is working on new services that will be of even more help to Skype/Jabber/WhatsApp users. The services will include Chatroulette, latest world news, more fun games and many other interesting things. All skysiss users are welcome to send any new ideas for Skype/Jabber/WhatsApp services to the developers via skysiss website.

Here is demo


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