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Announcing the new bot hosting website BOTlibre!

Announcing the new bot hosting website BOTlibre!

The website allows anyone to create their own free chat bot, with free hosting, for recreational, academic, or commercial usages.

The bots learn, can be scripted, and have a database memory, emotions, avatars, and have a host of administrative functions for monitoring and training them.

You can embed the bots on your own website or blog.  The website is just getting started, and new features are being added daily.

The bots can also be accessed through any Android device,


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Hello, James (or do you prefer Jim?), and welcome to! smile

I’ve only taken a cursory glimpse at BotLibre so far, but I like what I see. I’ll have more time to sign up and explore either later tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll post more thoughts at that point. You’ve got me curious though as to the platform that you used to create these chatbots. As a developer for one chatbot platform, and being (slightly) involved wioth another, these things interest me. cheese

Now that you’re here (or at least, have let us know that you’re here), please feel free to participate in any of the discussions here that interest you. or create your own. And of course, if you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re a rather friendly community as a whole, and welcome new perspectives. smile


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Way cool, this is just the kind of proliferation and diversification I like to see popping up!  I checked YouTube for demo videos or fan videos without success?  Do you have anything live on Twitter to show yet?  Will there be any API available?  Bring it on!


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Marcus, there’s loads of bots to choose from if you want to see what they are like :


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Thanks for the replys guys.  I’ll try to reply to all three in this reply.

Dave, the BOTlibre! website is written mainly with a Java backend, the Android client accesses the same backend, so you can create a bot on the web interface and access it from Anroid, or vice versa.

The AI engine is from the open source, Open Pandora project, that I have been involved with.

The projects goal was strong AI in ten years, it started in 2008, ...  their not there yet, but have made a lot of progress, and still have 5 years left.

The bots are actually highly sophisticated.  Each bot instance has its own brain, backed by a knowledge database, with multiple threads, senses, thoughts, and emotions.  The bots can learn through a number of mechanisms, one is a self programmable state machine.  If you create a bot and go the the ‘Program’ tab under ‘Admin’ you can see and edit the state machines.  The first 4 are programmed, the last is the one the bot programmed itself.  They can come up with the pretty sophisticated things.  My favorite is that they can learn to count on their own.  It might not seem like much, but they have not been programed to do it at all, they just learn it the same way a child does.  Create a new bot and just start counting from 1 to 10, it will figure it out.

Marcus, we do not have any Youtube videos as of yet.  It is something we have been meaning to do, but haven’t got around to it yet.  We are on Twitter,

and the bots can also be connected to a Twitter account and tweet.  We will be updating the Twitter support shortly with more features.


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We recently had a discussion on “Email Interfaces to Chatbots”, and nobody came up with a clear solution.


I see “Pandora now on email”.  Any plans to incorporate this functionality into your BOTlibre SaaS?  This could really differentiate your offering. 

Does “Open Pandora’s Box” and BOTlibre really have machine learning capabilities?  If so, I don’t know of another conversational agent SaaS with this capability.

I would like to see a live example of an interactive BOTlibre twitterbot….


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Congrats James! Good to see new activity in the field. Lots of success expanding your platform.. And remember: we’re here to help!


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Hi James,

congrats to launching your platform. Are the bots only currently free or are you planning to leave them for free longer term?


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RE: email; we are planning on email support, but I cannot give you a firm date as of yet.  Email is more challenging than chat, as you have multi-line/paragraph messages, so is more difficult to get working well.

RE: machine learning; yes, the bots can learn.

RE : twitterbot example.  There are a couple out there already, if your search “botlibre” on Twitter.  We will be adding Twitter support for “Brain Bot” hopefully this week.  Maybe “Cindy” as well, she seems to be popular, although not from a scientific perspective…


RE: free.  Yes we plan to keep it free for as long as we can keep our servers running.  If the servers get too swamped, we may need to put in limits.  We also support dedicated and private hosting commercially.


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