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Chatbot Enthusiast Get-Together in April 2014

After a (too brief) discussion with Liz Perreau today, we decided that it would be really cool to arrange a get-together for chatbot/AI enthusiasts while I’m in the area. Liz is working on possible venue locations, and I’m in charge of getting the word out. Anyone and everyone who reads this is certainly invited, and if you can arrange to be in London in early April (tentatively scheduled for the 6th, which is a Sunday), you’re more than welcome to join us. Details are still a little sketchy, and we’re not sure how many people can come, but we would surely love to see a lot of folks attend. smile

If you have preferences for dates (March 27th to April 9th is the time I’ll be in England), or locations, please let me know here. Irwin, I’d especially like to see if you could attend, as this is likely the best (or only) opportunity for us to meet face to face for a rather long time. wink


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I would be happy to come along although it would have to be on a weekend, preferably Sunday. Can you email me if this goes ahead?


  [ # 2 ]

Sure, Will. I can do that. smile


  [ # 3 ]

Count me in Dave. We still owe each other T shirts!


  [ # 4 ]

I’ll be ordering the new T-shirts on Monday, once I get a new graphic that I like. smile


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