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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

testing the self-awareness of our bot - digital radio interview

an explanation for our Australian teenage volunteers who are about to put our chatbot through its paces !


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The link takes us to the main Soundcloud page. Do we have to have an account there to listen?


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Listening to @PeitzkerTania .. talking about her new AI @myownreporter  .. powered by #velmai .. (via @coastfmcairns)


Tania, you ought to add a pic and link to your @myownreporter Twitter profile (under Settings).  If you really want to get some attention, you should hook your AI up to that Twitter account - so punters can interact with it themselves.


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Thanks for making the soundcloud file more easily accessible Marcus !  Though our PR strategy is to keep a very low profile until our commercial launch grin


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