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the original code language of MOR velmais - VAIP

Hi we have been flat out testing and trialling MOR velmais.  We start a school beta testing project next week in Australia, and I will post that reporting template in the Development section of the forum.
Here is a snapshot of what our code language VAIP can do, your comments are welcome:
Velmai Artificially Intelligent Patois’s intelligent data mining functionality is powered by Velmai, which is a suite of systems at the heart of which is the proprietary artificial intelligence mark-up language, VAIP. 
Velmai’s a suite of independent functions work together transparently to the end user.  On the client side they work behind the front end; streaming requests to and from the Request Parser, which requires no browser refresh to function.
The Request Parser understands the context of the user input on a basic level, allowing it to either process the request itself or to pass the request on to the Control Centre.  The Control Centre is itself a suite of AI functions processing and serving information, which organically self-replicates based on request type and load across many servers.
Using VAIP requests are quickly understood, relevant information harvested from all known resources, filtered, verified and returned back to the client within a couple of seconds.  This in turn kicks off another behind the scenes process, which categorizes and indexes the request and response, improving the knowledge of the system and the systems understanding of the client.


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