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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

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some of you may be wondering but no I do not work for but I was doing research on this because I’m interested in this stuff. In the near future I will be adding a poll on what you think about all these AI robots.


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Hi B, this looks interesting and link spam at the same time! Could you please update your post today: create an interesting posting about your company and its products.

Furthermore, could you please create a public profile?

Thanks in advance!



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@Akram: it works. Nice avatar. Have you just seen my registration in on of the animations forums out there? wink


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I didnt
I am new member this time now.
well Im sory i cant speak english well


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there is for Art arnt??
wich page is for illustration or animation?


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we do not have an art forum
but we will have an art forum in the future

you might want to try an chatbot
to exercise your English???


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i think here for art .
well thanks.


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Hello, Just checking in today… I’m playing with “ software”....Wow things are moving rather well in this field.
(aka; Ray)


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Tx Ray! I’ve just send the creators an email inviting them to write an article for Certainly very impressive!


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Illustration and animation are very useful
in chatbot presentation.

Especially 3D chatbot videos of voice
phonemes mapped to lip postures in a
virtual world:


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