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Through the Web Camera: Live Streaming Role Play Game Theatre Project

Through the Web Camera:Live Streaming Role Play Game Theatre Project
This practical research project aims to create a space for critical reflection upon the nature of interactions, connections and relationships formed through and with computers. I intend to work with others to create the conditions for Chatbots to perform alongside human actors in this live streaming theatre project in front of a forum of participants. It will offer an exciting test bed for virtual characters.

I am developing an online performance platform for a reflexive “interactive storytelling” structure employing 2-way live streams to link a game-space to a collective of participants. The participants will collaborate on directing an avatar across a grid of screens occupied by various performers (Human and chatbot) broadcasting in real time from remote locations. The project aims to create the conditions for the participants and performers to develop and critically explore the feelings of presence and agency offered by computer mediated communication and live streaming of the moving image.

The game will provide a site for exploration of crossovers between so called “virtual” and “physical” worlds, focusing on how the mediums of the web camera and chat room open a space for forming relationships between “us” and what is “out there”. Human and robotic participants will work together to probe perceptions of “authenticity”, “natural” and “mechanical” communication through the live event.

The structure (allegory and algorithm) of the platform will encourage reflection upon the nature of relationships formed with computers. It will encourage an exploration of an expanded notion of interactivity that includes the potential for interfering or hacking into the system (by “players” and “characters” in the game). It will also aim to create conditions for the operating system to interfere with its users in a visible manner.

I intend to work or discuss the project with individuals in the following fields:

• Performers practicing improvisation, including: actors, dancers, puppeteers, mime artists, musicians.
• Programmers working with: social network interfaces employing live streaming and instant messaging, involved in telematics: video conferencing, virtual education, engaging remote sites in virtual space online (eg by employing the Kinect).
• Those working in AI and robotics, particularly developing chat bots and autonomous robots.
• Game designers (with an interest in Interactive Fiction, text adventures and emergent game play)

If you would like to hear more please contact me through


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