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Japanese invented a robot able to “think and act by it’s own”


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That was interesting, thanks for posting. What was most impressive was not so much what the robot could do, as the intellectual effort that was required to enable it to do it. Even when we think about planning an action, we don’t have to think about including steps like “after picking up the cup, make sure that the cup has been picked up” although we must be doing this unconsciously.

Also, I’m bemused by the prospect of the robot having to go on to the internet to ask other robots how to make tea. Wouldn’t it be better if it could ask the person who wanted the tea, how to make the tea?


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It seems to me that the last time one AI construct asked another about making tea, bad things happened and someone got hurt. *






*Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser



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Ha ha ha—oh, the memories, Dave. I need to read those books again. smile

Great link, Fatima, thanks.


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Oh, the article was so cool. Experiencing more tech and AI!


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that’s one of the reason why many countries have to admire Japan as well as their product. Thank you for sharing the article smile


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Very impressive I am looking forward to seeing more on this topic


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