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Support for Matching of Literal Symbols

Hi everyone,
I am new here and am trying to build a dialog system with the main scripting language being ChatScript. Is it possible to match literal symbols such as “[”, “]”, and “%”?

For example, how can I match the following input:

[H] I am feeling fine 

The reason I want to do this is to pass “flags” along with the input, which in turn can affect the output.



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For matching characters used by the system (and for outputting), one would use the backslash to mean literal next.

( \[ H \] I am feeling fine ) 

though I would immediately generalize am to “be”  so it would also match I was feeling fine
and feeling to feel and then allow be to be optional so it can match I feel fine

( \[ H \] I {be} feel fine )

( \[ H \] I {be} {feel} fine )
so it can match I fine   or I am fine   or I feel fine or I am feeling fine.


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Thank you for the quick reply!


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