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AI community mourns John McCarthy

Another great mind leaves us….


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Thanks for the link. From the article,

“John McCarthy’s main contribution to AI was his founding of the field of knowledge representation and reasoning, which was the main focus of his research over the last 50 years,” said Prof Sharkey [Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sheffield.]

“He believed that this was the best approach to developing intelligent machines and was disappointed by the way the field seemed to have turned into high speed search on very large databases.”


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Not knowing that he was about to pass away, eleven days ago on 15 October 2011 I started a “LISP AI folklore” thread about the late John McCarthy in comp.lang.lisp on Usenet:

Those rent-a-coder programming wags over at

have launched “Occupy Comp.Lang.Lisp”
with a thread unrighteously entitled,
“Ask John McCarthy anything”.

Sorry, script kiddies, v.t.y. Mentifex has already
BTDT (been there, done that) with the following
exchange of views between Mentifex and His Nibs:
asking Dr. McCarthy if he regrets pioneering AI.
where the Piafesque answer is, “Je ne regrette rien.”

Mentifex (Arthur)


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