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The Art of War Robot - ChatBot Beta

The Art of War Robot - please try it out.

Some of you may know of The Art of War. It was supposedly written by a Chinese General called Sun Tzu about 2,500 years ago. The Art of War is a classic text and has been translated, published and bastardized numerous times.
I have converted a version into a chatbot and currently it is still under development. I would appreciate if people could interact with it and give feedback:
- What expectation does one have from interacting with a chatbot based on a manuscript?
- How I can improve it, what should be improved vs. what not to bother with (e.g. this chatbot has strict parameters and doesn’t need to answer every conceivable question like “who is the president of bla bla”)
- The interface is through SitePal - to the user, how does this affect the experience of talking to a book?
By looking at the log files I can tell how people interact with it and how to improve it, but it is always good to get some one-on-one feedback. I only have a vague idea of what people will ask it.

Thanks in advance!

Simon Drake


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Hi Simon,

Tried the Art of war Chatbot, with some test phrases like ‘Tell me something about World War II’, but the answer wasn’t very specific. I might have phrased it wrong, made some typo’s in my English :-s.

The good news is that we’ve added Digital Personas to our list of professional chatbot/virtual agent developers:

The current description is
Digital Personas takes publishing into the consumer artificial intelligence markets.

If you need to rephrase this company summary (max 111 chars, incl. spaces), please let me know.


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Thanks to Erwin and other testers who asked The Art of War Robot numerous questions - it gave me a better scope of what people are asking it, and therefore what content to match the queries with.
I have updated the Knowledge Base since the release, and will continue to do so, so please if you have a spare minute, ask the virtual Sun Tzu a question or two.

Simon Drake


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I’ve asked your bot several questions, heres what I experienced so far.
Whenever I asked a question that includes “The Art of War” it would print a phrase found in the book(or in (un)fortune cookies).

The questions I asked were:
“How did The Art of War affect Napoleon Bonaparte’ strategies?”
“How did The Art of War affect Napleon’s strategy in the battle of Waterloo?”

Regards, Me.


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