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NEWS: survey on 3000 US and UK consumers shows it is time for chatbot integration in customer service!read more..

Huffington Post article

Here’s a rather gushing article about some of the current commercial developments in chatbots and personal assistants. I’m not sure what the writer of the article was smoking when he wrote this, because I continue to be completely underwhelmed with all my encounters with so-called artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, the article is worth a read.


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I saw the article and had the same reaction.  I’m reminded of how Google periodically makes “improvements” that end up making things more difficult for me.  I still have to sort through hundreds of listings to find what I’m really looking for.


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Thanks Andrew, Just responded to Gregorys article with the following text:

Interestin­g Article Grégory. We’re definitely on the same track! You mentioned Creative Virtual and Guide 3D. There are much more companies around these days which are have a profitable business in this industry. Check­out:­ies. You’ll be amazed!

I’m also a believer of photo realistic avatars. We’ll definitely have characters like Denise around. However, it should be webbased as current consumers are not willing to install software in the are of the internet, and furthermor­e, its intelligen­ce should be aligned with its appearance­. And there are progressio­ns in conversati­onal AI, but these are slow, very slow! It’s very hard to replicate intelligen­ce with computers. This year the Internatio­nal Conference on Artificial Intelligen­ce was organised for the 30th time, 30 years in a row. That says enough about the complexity of AI. We’re progressin­g, but it’s slow. We’ll have intelligen­ce like human beings, even smarter, but this will take 10-20 years more (and that will really change the world, also referred to as ‘Singulari­ty Point’).

Companies on animation and photoreali­stic 3D avatars can be found over here:­ies/animat­ion

I’ve mentioned our listing on animation companies as well, which is running in beta since yesterday. You might be interested as well!


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