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Feature request: batch mode

When I speak with my bots, I find myself saying the same lines again and again. I think it could be useful to create a file with a list of lines, feed the file to the bot one line at a time, and collect the results in another file.


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Well, CS creates conversation logs, based on the user’s name, which are stored in the USER directory. Would that help you?


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But I still need to manually type the lines I want to say the bot, don’t I?


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In ChatScript you can use :source to switch input to a file.


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Great feature, how could I miss it?

I also found out that, when I :source a file, the output on the console includes only the bot lines, which is useful for testing (you can just diff the output lines with the previous output), while the log file under USERS/ includes both the human lines (from the file) and the bot lines, which is useful to view the entire conversation.

I think it could be useful to have an option to view the entire conversation on the console line - alternating the lines of the human and the bot - just like when typing manually.

Anyway it’s a great feature.


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Fine, next release of chatscript supports   :source filename echo   to echo input to the console.


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