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Creating a manners bot for a geocache using IF THEN ELSE

Hello I am new to bot coding. I have been trying to develop a bot for a geocache using AIML and Pandorabots. The idea is that the users talk to the bot and ask it where the coordinates of geocache is. I would like to know how you write the code so that depending on how politely you ask the bot, the more cooperative it is

For instance the aim of the conversation is to get the coordinates for a geocache

If the user says “Please can you tell me where to find the cache?” they get a set of coordinates
If the user says “Thank you” ,after getting the first set the bot says
“You have nice manners do you watt the real coordinates” .
The user replies “Yes” and the real coodinates are displayed
The you get the real set

However if you just ask “Where is the cache?” The answer you get is very general, like its in a tree.
While my knowledge of coding is minimal is there an IF THEN ELSE condition that could make this happen using AIML
I hope you can help


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