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Check for match on variable value


How can I pattern match on the value of a variable? For example I have variables for $users_fname and $users_lname that may be populated with any text strings and I want to match on those values.

If $users_fname=Helen and $user_lname=Turner I want the following to match but I don’t want a different name to match:

My name is Helen Turner and I live on the moon. (match)

My name is Fred Smith and I live on the moon. (not a match)

Thank you.




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The simplest pattern is:

( name is $users_fname? $users_lname? )

The question mark after the variable converts the test from mere existence of a value in that variable to a dynamic match on the value of the variable.

Note there are some limitations with multiple word values - see the section in the Pattern Redux document.


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Great, thanks Andy!


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