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Problems making GUI work


I want to use the Chatbot created in our project using the “BETTER”-GUI provided on github.

However, I’ve run into a few problems:

1. When localhosting a server (using wampserver for instance) and running localhostpg.exe we don’t get a topicfile like we’d get using chatscriptpg.exe

2. This is a bigger one: I’d like to reset the chatbot on client-side. That means that all variables need to be deleted ONCE the user exits (pressing the X button on a browser for example)
2a. Is :reset( USER ) the right command for this? So if the bot were to ever be run simultaneously by two people, each client pretty much deals with the same set of variables but they all have different values
2b. Now let’s assume something like :reset( USER ) is what I am looking for. Each time a client would use the bot and just close it once theyve got the answer they want, I would need to run :reset( USER ). Is there any way to hard code this into php (or chatscript, maybe) so that if the GUI is closed (pressing “X”) the conversation and all variables would be reset.

These are the problems I have run into for now.

Has anyone had these problems before or is there a solution I’ve missed completely?


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So, what I’ve found out is:

running localserver.bat actually makes the bot follow the conversation like it normally would. However, since I am working with postgres, I cant work with localserver.bat

Why do localserver.bat and localserverpg.bat actually work differently? localserver.bat executes rules correctly while localserverpg.bat does not do so (for example: ^resue() ) is a complete mess in localserverpg.bat

Another question: ‘

How do I actually test my GUI on Linux? On Windows, I used wamp-server and localserverpg.bat to access my GUI.
Is there a step-by-step tutorial on how I do that on Linux? I can start the server, but I dont know how to access my GUI, let a lone how to communcate with the bot on Linux. For the record, I just do

sudo ./LinuxChatScript64 localpg 

and the server starts - but from there, I dont know how to communicate with the bot (such as having a webbrowser open the gui and so on)


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Alright, I managed by using XAMPP and hosting localhost on Linux.

What is the the actual command for running a postgres chatbot server on linux though?

sudo ./LinuxChatScript64 localpg 

does not seem to be right.

It keeps telling me things such as “no such bot”


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