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Trouble running Localpgserver.bat


I wanted to test my bot using a webinterface. So far, I am able to get LocalServer.bat running but as my bot uses Postgresql I need it to work with Localpgserver.

I actually have some questions regarding the contents of the Localpgserver.bat file, that could be answered by answering following question:

Say in one of my topics I have

^dbinit(dbname myDatabase port 5432 user myUser password 123

How do I edit my Localserverpg.bat file?

Using the example above, I would have tried:

ChatScriptpg port
=5432 userlog  pguser=" myUser = postgres password = 123 " 

but doing this makes Localpgserver.bat close instantly.

How would you edit the .bat file according to this?

^dbinit(dbname myDatabase port 5432 user myUser password 123



  [ # 1 ]
ChatScriptpg port
=1024 userlog  pguser=" user = myUser password = 123 " 

Solved it for me.


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