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CS postgres fix

If you find that you are not writing to postgres anymore,  it may be because your table has a unique constraint. This is a problem that I burned 4 hours trying to solve. Maybe this will help someone else.

It is unclear how I added this, but you can remove the constraint.

The CS bug.txt file will show this:

Postgres filessys write failed for USERS/topic_ec2-user_share.txt
MinReleaseStackGap 79MB MinHeapAvailable 80MB
MaxBuffers used 7 of 80

The AWS log was showing this
2019-05-17 11:15:55 UTC:[756]:ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bytea
2019-05-17 11:15:55 UTC:[756]:STATEMENT: INSERT INTO userfiles (file, userid) VALUES ($1::bytea, $2::varchar) ;

from the aws console, execute this:
ALTER TABLE userfiles DROP CONSTRAINT userfiles_pkey;

Dropping the unique constraint will fix it.

hope this helps someone else.


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