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Trying to make stockpile bot work in CS 9.31

I have checked many CS versions and stockpile bot does not work, depending on version there will be a Segmentation Fault, or bot will load but no plan will be executed when trying to run the “pile…” command.
The last version I found completely operational (checked a lot of versions but not all) is CS 5.0, here stockpile bot works as expected running the plan.
I can more or less bring some CS versions (those with Segmentation Fault) to show stockpile bot prompting for command in order to run the plan, but plan will never run and you only get “Mission Accomplished” without any change.

In CS 9.31 in functionExecute.cpp in line <733> “else if” function never validates in order to access PlanCode function. It seems that frame->definition does not get a proper value when the plan ^acquire function is being processed

else if (frame->definition && (D->internalBits FUNCTION_BITS) == IS_PLAN_MACRO
->arguments D->w.planArgCount;
result PlanCode(D,buffer); // run a plan

I would really be happy if this could be fixed as planning capability is absolutely very powerful.
Thanks in advance


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Planning code has not been keeping up with all sorts of CS changes, so I’m not surprised its broken.  It may not get repaired quickly


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Thank you for your fast response.
It is perfectly understandable.
I will try to keep tinkering with the code, though due to the complexity of the project I do not expect to get any farther.grin


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