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ASTRID: Analysing Symbolic Tags Relates to Intelligent Dynamics
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Gary Dubuque - May 9, 2011:

I am wondering, is this something related to what you’re doing?

Definitely no, this is not my approach.!

Even this approach you mentioned, as I can see, is only theoretical and has no connection with state-of-the-art technology, may be resembling on semantic networks, but for me this page contains more of some AI-thin air blah blah, than real implementations and proofs.

BTW: have any of you heard on some Gold Standard on multilingual spell checking?
I need to test my algorithm against something reliable and tested, I am bored to invent spelling errors!, as I am algorithmically biased I cannot invent good-ones nor real & frequent ones!
I found some on Aspell sites, but not in Spanish, any help will be honored!


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I was thinking it might be like the instincts that Hans is using to start his database.  He, I guess, is looking for the patterns rather than building the logic based upon theoretical “scientific” models.

GOFAI (good old fashion artificial intelligence) is more like what Andy is familiar.  If you look on her associated site (Syntience), you can pick up how this is connected with state-of-the-art technology (as she puts it, Google may be applying some of this technique in their indexing.)  She also talks about implementations and proof, declaring that with examples you don’t get an understanding of what is being accomplished.  It is like comparing a snapshot to a movie, that is, the example might look good in its presentation, but doesn’t hold up over changing contexts when the problem becomes complex.  You can’t tell that kind of stuff with some implementations (for proof.)  Proof is the scientific way to model the theory where instincts are something else (not always right but better at dealing with learning and the unknown.)


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Hans, Any update on your AI concept?

By the way its very similar to my design.


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