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Bruce&Sue; Wilcox podcast interview on chatbots


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The podcast makes a claim, “What’s pretty much impossible is creating a computer program that understands context”  However, a computer program to discover context was created well over five decades ago.  Joseph Weizenbaum, in his Computational Linguistics paper published January 1966 says, “The fundamental technical problems with which ELIZA is concerned are: (1) the identification of key words, (2) the discovery of minimal context,



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Yes but Understanding context and Discovering context are two very different things.

Bruce is correct in his statement to a degree but the use of the word “impossible”, might only be a few years away or possibly tomorrow. One doesn’t know, but I personally believe the breakthrough will one day, happen.

Eliza laid the foundation of conversational AI even if it was only basic pattern matching. Nice find Pla*net


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Discovering the minimal context of the podcast claim “pretty much impossible” makes for an interesting experiment for our discussion purposes. The minimal context is almost impossible, or not impossible which equates to possible.


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The podcast is excellent.  Thank you so much for that.


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