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UTF-8 presentation of umlauts and special characters

Hello Chatbots/ChatScript community,

I’ve just started to getting quite comfortable with ChatScript but just recently stumbled over a topic, that was already discussed a couple of years ago. I did most of my developing on a german-speaking chatbot on CS Vers. 8.2 and had no problems with special characters like “ä,ü,ö” etc. Out of curiosity it updated CS to 8.7 (reloaded in a separate folder and copy/pasted my RAWDATA to the new directory) and suddenly had the same problem that was discussed here for example:

So now my question is: has this something to do with a change to CS engine itself or something with my settings here? I’m totally happy right now with 8.2, but would be a bit sad, if future releases would not display those special characters.

Thanks in advance for every help or advice.

(I already controlled my terminal settings in visual studio, windows and osx terminal. the appearance of special characters changes from regular “ä,ö,ü” to “?,?,?” every time i reload a different CS version.)


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