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Quiki ( is currently in Alpha (construction) and you have to apply and then be “invited” to join, but once it’s available to the public, it might make an interesting addition to chatbot searches because it reads you the text in a pleasant female voice.

Searches are limited right now.  Dr. Wallace doesn’t appear, and searching terms such as “chatbots” produces “chatterbots”  (a term K.T. didn’t care for and neither do I).  The voice pronounces “ch” as “sh” and so “chatbots” are called “shatbots” which is not only incorrect, but also slightly offensive to someone like me who reveres chatbots.

There’s a provision for feedback and suggestions.  I’m looking forward to the time when I can add it to my bot searches.


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Wow, this is really cool stuff!!!!!!!

It has been used in TED as well to introduce speakers, quoted from their blog:

Because Qwiki’s core technology (which powers our Alpha) evaluates and enriches any static text – transforming it into a beautiful, interactive experience with zero human effort – it can be applied to virtually any corpus of information.

We’re very happy to announce that tonight marks the first time Qwiki’s automated authoring platform will be used beyond our initial “reference” corpus – to introduce today’s speakers at TEDxSF! We’re honored to have a marquee brand like TED leverage Qwiki’s platform to create compelling content that adds value to the conference and demonstrates the scope of Qwiki’s technology.

TEDxSF is the Bay Area’s local, independent TED chapter that is devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Every year, they host an evening of fresh talks. Tonight’s talks explore the universe, our planet, society and the human spirit in “The Edge of What We Know.”

This is just a preview of what’s to come – soon any individual, organization, company, etc. will be able to use Qwiki’s automated platform to create Qwikis describing any topic. A free live Web steam of TEDxSF starts today at 4 PM: you’ll notice a Qwiki play to introduce each speaker prior to their talk. Visit or view the twitter feed using the hashtag #TEDxSF.

We are incredibly delighted and honored to demonstrate the Qwiki platform in such great company, and can’t wait to make our tools and API fully available so you too can spread your ideas smile.


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