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Personalized “Deep Learning” equips Robots for Autism Therapy

Children with autism spectrum conditions often have trouble recognizing the emotional states of people around them . For Example,  distinguishing a happy face from a fearful face.To remedy this, some therapists use a kid-friendly robot to demonstrate those emotions and to engage the children in imitating the emotions and responding to them in appropriate ways.This type of therapy works best, however, if the robot can smoothly interpret the child’s own behavior — whether he or she is interested and excited or paying attention — during the therapy.Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have now developed a type of personalized machine learning “EngageME” that helps robots estimate the engagement and interest of each child during these interactions, using data that are unique to that child. Armed with this personalized “deep learning” network, the robots’ perception of the children’s responses agreed with assessments by human experts, with a correlation score of 60 percent.


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