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What is the relation/difference between NLP and chatBots?

aSorry if this is simple or wrong question, but I couldn’t understand what exactly is NLP? Is it only some algorithms? Or a concept? Or it has practical C++(or other languages) libraries to use in applications(Something like OpenCV for machine vision I mean).

Also I am interested to know, are AIML based or other chatbots like ChatScript known as NLP engines? What is the relation and difference between these?



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NLP - Natural Language Processing is the use of grammar and syntax to identify the different word types within the structure of a sentence. Eg - find the verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc. Few developers will write their own “engine” and one assumes there are several public ones from places like MIT and Berkeley. Meanwhile most independent chatbot development uses some kind of NLP engine - homemade or borrowed from the public domain.

Starting with an engine (that translates unstructured text into structured words) there will be different chatbot development tools built on top the engine. Some chatbots require NLU (natural language understanding). I am not aware of what is available in the public domain for this.

I think NLP as a waste of time. You can go straight to NLU and have the same problems to solve whether the input is unstructured or structured.


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