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out of fact space at 799999out of fact space

I am creating a ChatScript in Brazilian Portuguese and I am importan a complete dictionary through Concepts so that I can have the tags of the words ... I separated the dictionary by verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc .... But it arrived in a moment that I have just received this break ...

Is there another way I can import my concepts in a different way ???


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you can in cs_init.txt raise the size of fact space.
a line like


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Hi, I Dont found this file….
Which directory?


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create a top level of chatscript directory (same level as SRC and DICT and RAWDATA)  file named
add that line in it


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Now every time I write a message it takes time for the bot to respond ... The concept index has gotten too big ...
Would you know to tell me if I use any database it will improve on the performance issue ???


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you dont want all those facts loaded by a user. You want them resident in the system from server start / boot startup


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exactly! Can you tell me what changes I need to make?


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for this edit, in the base CS server under linux, within this file cs_init.txt
fact=100 does not work
This works, with the s


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well that is amazing.  The engine code reads:
else if (!strnicmp(arg,(char*)“fact=”,5)) maxFacts = atoi(arg+5);  // fact entries
and JustAnswer’s cs_init file (which needs more facts) reads:


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Yes.  Just noticed that the entry with s does not change the internal value. So it is without the s

I am getting an abnormal abend with even fact=100
Not sure why it abends.  Will look to pull the message


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of course, it was my error, because I did not transfer the init updates to the server.
So, it is indeed this entry

noticed your entry
for a log rolling feature I did not know about.  I am guessing that if the log file reaches this size in mg, it will create a new version of it.  This is useful, because a very very large log file can hurt performance if left unchecked.


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I showed the loglimit to trigger people to read about it.
Not only does it have the performance improvement use but when I pull a log to read it, I dont want to try to pull gigabytes and open them.  But it’s a measurement of size (megabytes) and not weight (milligrams). smile


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I hope you didnt mean
because then you’d never have enough facts even to load


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