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Multi-bots in parallel integrated in website—> which solution to choose ?

Hello All,

First post for me her, thank you for the blog, great job !

My question is this one : I would like to integrate a variable number of chatbots in parallel into my website (up to 3 would be great), in order to simulate the management of several chat conversations in parallel.

I would have the following topics to address :
- these chatbots conversations should be integrated into an existing website
- It should be easy to navigate between the different chat conversations
- The chabots scenarios/AI should be editable quite easily

If you have some ideas, that would be wonderful !

Thank you very much for your help smile



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Hello, Pierre, and welcome to smile

Have you looked into Program O? It’s a web-based chatbot platform that runs on your site, and has multi-bot capabilities, with each bot able to have its own “brain” and personality. Program O uses Artificial Language Markup Language (AIML) to store/parse responses to user input (or inputs/responses from other chatbots, with the right interface). There is a bit of a learning curve, as well as some minimum skills required, and unless you want to have a chatbot (or more) that is a copy of already existing versions it’s going to require some effort and time, but everything you’ve described can be easily accomplished with Program O.


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Hello Dave, many thanks for your reply. smile

I had a look to Program O, this looks like a great tool, thanks !

Indeed, I am not a developer myself. wink

To add a few details : there would be no problem of having a significant coding effort at the initial set-up for the integration of the scenarios in the website, and to create an administration interface to manage the Chatbots library. (I would rely on a developper on this initial set up)

What would be important would be to be myself completely autonomous after this initial set-up, in order to create the few chatbot IAs and add them to the library of my website. (i.e. with the possibility to create/edit complex chatbot scenarios almost without any coding skill, through a scenario creator/arborescence for exemple).

—> Maybe I could use some standard social/chat modules, that could be “home customized” and plugged in my website. Then we would “fuel” the chatbots to this module, like it would happen if you had multiple conversations with different friends (that would be actually different chatbots) ?

I hope these additional details might clarify my request.

Thank you once again for your help !


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Hello Pierre, i had the same problem! Now i’m using Xenioo and i’m fine. I don’t know if is the right choose for you but i advise to try it, is simple.

I hope it can help you,



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